Beginner Thinking of Half Marathon - Expertise Needed!

Hi everyone,

Last July / August I weighed 18 stone and was happy with that for a long time but something clicked and I decided I wanted to start running. As a university student I had a LARGE amount of time off from uni.

I was running 5 - 6 days a week and sometimes everyday a week and was trying to run 15 miles a day. Long story short I am now 11 stone 11 lbs and happy with that after about 8 months.

My training has gone poorly over the last few months as I am back at university and have little time to run when doing architecture. (For those that know it, its a VERY intense course - hence taking a break at 2am).

I wanted to achieve something with my new skill so want to do a half marathon. At the end of 3 months of running at summer I could run 10 miles easily.. Now after slacking for the last few months I can do 5 miles easily and can push upto 7 - 9 depending on my mood, nutrition etc..

I wanted to do one this summer but I am busy with my architecture course until May. There is a local one for me in St Albans but I've heard its a monster for a beginner?

Can anyone clarify if this course is suitable for someone who has done no half marathons before? I normally run on the path, road and treadmill - Bad I know but I live in Milton Keynes and stay in Oxford during uni time!

Thanks for the help guys and sorry for the long post!


  • Matt, a 1/2 marathon is more than achievable for anyone that wants to do one

    Look up some training plans on here and see how they progress from little mielage through to longer runs, dont make the mistake of doing 15 miles a day  image

    Dont be afraid of hills .. they are just obstacles to get over and it generally means you get a nice downhill to follow!!   If you are in MK then get yourself out to the Brickhills for a bit of practice !!
  • are you running too much? Run less to achieve more (and significantly reduce the risk of injury). Based on what you say a half should be well within your reach.

    +1 on what Meldy said. Check out some of the RW schedules.

  • Ok, Thanks a lot guys.

    I think I will book it and just give it a go!

    Im sure I will learn a lot even if its an awful time ha!

    Best of luck on your own runs.

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