Lisfranc Foot Injury - will I jog again?

Dear all

I am hoping for some replies from people who have had a Lisfranc injury.

On 27th December 2011 I fell over at home and managed to fracture 5 bones and damage ligaments in my foot (called Lisfranc injury). I am signed off from work for 3 months and am unable to weight bear.

I have a Samson walking boot and did have crutches until last week.

The injury is not usually linked to falling over and is rare 1 in 55,000 a year.

Anyway last year I really got into jogging - I lost 3 stone and did about six 5km runs (fastest time 34mins) and a 10km run (1hr 10 mins).

My consultant has said I may not be able to return to jogging which I am devastated about. The jogs I did were all for charity and I felt great for what I was doing.

I would love to hear from you if you've had this injury or know someone who has. Don't worry if it's a negative story I have kind of come to terms with the fact that I may not return to jogging.

Many thanks for reading and hopefully replying
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