How confusing is Lycra?

Ok so I may be a bit of a numpty.  I'm getting some kit from Endura but thought cycling shorts were cycling shorts, how wrong was I!!!

 I've been looking at this page and have been trying to figure out the differences between them all.  Is it to do with the amount of padding?  Material used?  Can anybody throw some light on this for me please.

 Oh and I promise there won't be anymore numpty questions for now image


  • Yeah no worries, may just take the plunge and grab a couple of mid range priced ones.  This is for a dualathlon rather than Tri side of things though.  Looking at some 2XU Tri shorts for my sprint later this year but don't know if they will handle the training for the next 6 months and then the dualathlon!  Thanks anyway KK!!
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