Why oh why oh why do I now have tonsillitis when my VLM training was going SO well???  Last time is was my ITB, now it's my throat!!!

I'm so p*ss*d off as I had to miss a 15 mile LSR this mornin as there's no way I could run  :0(  I'm feeling very sorry for myself today.


  • Sorry to hear your ill- rest well eat well and take medication, it should be over sooner then you know it! Keep your nutrients up and your immune system working well and you should find things don't mess with your actual marathon as much as they could if you push it before your properly recovered.

    At least with youtr throat it can heal a whole lot faster then ITBS and doesn't require eons of rest with expensive by products to get you back on track (massage, rolley things, time taken to stretch and rebuild things up again..!)

  • Oh thank you Jennn, you are right about the time taken to get back on track.  It was because I was doing so well that I was beating myself up yesterday and feeling very sorry for myself.

    With just 24 hours of antibiotics I don't feel half as bad already (I haven't had them for years so they should work magic on me!!) and actually got some sleep last night.


  • Good to hear things are on the up, hope the antibiotics continue to work for you, in the rare chance they affect you in the same way they effect me, (I've not had to take them for literally years and years and then have had to take two seperate courses for two different things just this year alone!) I seem to find they work really well after about a day and then all of a sudden about halfway through they seem to make my mood drop and I feel really sad and depressed and gloomy! It then passes and I'm good to go again but the course does seem to have an effect on my feeling healthy, at the end of it I end up craving oranges and tomatos (vitamin C?) and rest, so go easy on yourself as I think antibiotics can have a wider effect then we are fully aware.
  • Hi Liz, my doctor recommended gargling daily with an antimicrobial mouthwash to keep sore throats at bay (something containing chlorhexidine gluconate, like Corsodyl). My throat infections tend to be viral, but it may work for you too. Good luck with the marathon!
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