Inside leg calf strain affecting the knee

Hi all, joined up here yesterday so here's my first post. 

I started running last November and picked up miles progressively earlier this year.

I started to get leg pain on impact on the inside of my left leg/ soleus area moving up to the bulk of the calf.

I've realised that i lead off my right foot and land too heavily on the left which i'm working on now. I did Blackpool half marathon last week and have had severe pain since. I am still slightly limping.

I've not ran since Sunday. My job (fitness instructor) involves impact which i've really had to simply not do and struggle through this week. The pain is still in the calf (better than before) but my knee (particularly the back) is feeling uncmfortable. I'm guessing it's because i'm limping and the leg isn't used to it.

 Anyone else had similar troubles? Any advice welcomed!




  • I've had some issues recently, and I am pretty sure it's as a result of changing my running shoes.

     I run about 2km, and get a severe pain running up the soleus muscle on the inside of both legs. It becomes untolerable and have been left in tears due to the pain, limping 2km back home!

    I've looked at how my "new" shoes hold my feet, and they are holding my ankles and foot at an outward angle, which I think is causing my foot to roll when running, putting strain on the soleus muscles.

    Personally, having just spent £90 on a new pair of flashy high tex running shoes, I am rather distraught- especially as I had them fitted etc.

     Are you wearing new, or old shoes? Even a slight misalignment or roll in the foot can cause major issues.

    Try checking your stance in your running shoes, stand on one leg and see how straight you can hold your leg. If your ankle is rolling inward and your having to lean to the other side to stay upright- there's something wrong.

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