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Should i run with a chesty cough?


  • Probably not.

    General advice seems to be: If your symptoms are above your neck, you're okay to run. If they're below your neck (i.e. in your chest) you should back off and take it easy. You'll most likely recover quicker by giving your body a chance to fight off the infection without overstressing it further...

  • I had a chest infection end of last year. A chesty cough, but not many other symptoms. It took me quite a while to recover from it (ie weeks, not days) and only now, about 2 months after it went, am I actually getting back to running at my previous pace.

    My problem was that even once the cough had gone in day-to-day living, it would return once I started doing anything strenuous. It made me very short of breath even after a short run.

    I'd advise not running until the cough has gone, and then take it very easy and build up very gradually.

  • I agree with the above the neck principal, if in doubt dont bother you will regret it I have made the same mistake more than once and felt awful because of it.

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