Wet excuse

Morning all . Has anyone gone out in this god awful weather early this morning for a long run . I myself chickened out even though I've got the London marathon coming up , do you think I can afford to miss one?


  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Get used to the rain as it may rain on the day.... train in all weathers... i am coming back from injury and running very slowly for me so spent more time in the rain this morning that I would have liked....
  • Themp - I've just got back from 15 miles in the howling wind and driving rain. It felt like utter madness at the time, but feels bloody good now image
  • Only 8 at running club this morning (over 20 last week). It was cold and wet but worth it!
  • I only saw two other 'natters' at 7.30 this morning.

    It was cold, it was wet, but once I got going, i enjoyed it. I did 11K, got back for a warm shower and a cuppa and am now feeling pretty smug that I decided to go out.
  • 10 miles in VFFs and shorts.

    Lots of hills and running laps around a lake.

    Not really what I'd call nasty weather, since there wasn't any real wind. Have to say that the coffee when I got back tasted good, mind.

    Saw 3 other runners, so it wasn't just me out.
  • Whether it's rain, snow, sun, fog, wind, cold, somewhere some poor bugger got up this morning to run in it.

    Thumbs up if you did,

    Frowny face and tut tut if you didn't.

    Next time your allowed 15 minutes extra time in bed then out the door, coat on, Themp.

    Marathons dont run themselves you know.

    You have until 12 midnight today, to make amends.

    Make it so.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I like Stephen's response but one thing that I would say is: What will you do if come race day - it's raining/windy? Will you still come out and run it or will you stay in bed?

    Weigh it up against yourself and say "is staying in bed really worth it"? For me - whatever the weather -i'm happy that I've done it. Happy that I achieved my goal for that day because I know that running in cold and wind is less painful than me berating myself for not doing it. Yes, you may get wet, cold but that's what a nice hot shower and a cup of something are for image

    So, in short: only you can decide if it's ok to miss it - but work out - what will you lose if you don't?

  • i find it difficult to go out training when its raining hard like today in the midlands.a little wet ok, a lot wet not ok.

    however i did a 10k adventure race this morning including 2 river crossings and 2 lake crossings so count yourselves lucky! waist deep in freezing cold water was entertaining to say the  least.

  • 2 rivers and 2 lakes?


    Organised play for adults thats all this running lark isimage

    What was your time?

  • haha indeed! hills, bankings, cargo nets, mud etc! think I ran about 45mins but took my watch off beforehand as i though i might break it. and won the race which was nice! it was called the sole destroyer - northampton. A good laugh it was!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    If you only go out to run 3 or 4 times a week, and conditions are really bad, yeah I can understand just not going out, and moving the session.

    However, if you're in any kind of big mileage plan, you can't let mere rain put you off. We're not talking dangerous ice, or gruelling snow.

    Compared to injury stopping you running, mere rain is nothing

  • Hey thanks everyone for the verbal digs I managed to get my backside off the sofa bout 12.30 and did 12.81 miles through the mud ( that's as far as I could do on my own as as all running mates went early they're real men ) feel good now watching the rugby smuggin out Cheers!
  • Seb running in your Rolex again eh?

    No really how do you cross bodies of water and still do a 10 k in 45 minutes.?

    I speak as a confirmed urban runner for whom stopping at traffic lights is a major irritation.

    That green man aint walking he's warming up!

    Then theres this game I play with cyclists.........

  • In my experience (and having done most of my running in Scotland I can claim a fair bit of experience of rain), if you look at the weather from indoors it often looks like it's raining constantly, but if you actually go out, it very seldom is.

    Of course sometimes it just gets more and more horrible - but then you just have to grit your teeth and appreciate the hot shower afterwards.
  • Well done themp! image
  •  i hate traffic lights too so have moved much more to off road running where no one can see you or get in the way!

    no rolex just a garmin gps watch which i love and need for my training! so didnt want to risk breaking it.

    im hoping to hit 35-36mins on a flat 10k this year so 45mins with obstacles and water crossings is a fair setback, the hill pegged out with 10sections of straight up straight down didnt help either!

  • IThere is a view that there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. However, that doesn't make it any better to actually get out the door though. But you've got to get out and get the miles in, whatever the weather, because you can hardly stay in bed on race day if you don't like the forecast.

    Mind you, I had a grim run today; one too few layers and really frozen hands did not make for an enjoyable time.

  • Well done Themp, i'm sure you feel better for and it wasn't as bad as you were expecting?

    I managed 10 this morning just before the rain moved from drizzle to rain, hoping more dry days to come !!!

  • The wind bothered me more than the rain this morning. 

    I hadn't even realised it was raining until I got outside the door, so I just got on with it.

    Naturally, it stopped just as I got back after twelve miles.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    the day rain stops you going out for a run is the day to pack it in

    If that stops you, how are you going to deal with much worse weather, niggles, time restrictions, life etc

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