Legends of Sherwood night run

Did the 10k (and a bit) run last night.

What a blast.

Tough, challenging race but well worth the effort when you cross the finishing line.

Very tempted to do the Yorkshire terriers one next weekend.


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    May have seen you up there - I was up doing a bit of MTBing in the afternoon and saw a couple in pirate gear. The event looked a lot of fun - when did you get to start in the end as it was still very light at the planned 5.30 start wasn't it - we left just before.
  • A group of us from the Mundane thread did it too. You may have seen Cake in his pirate gear.

    It started 5 or 10 minutes late, but it soon got dark. It was a lot of fun image

  • Very close to 6 o-clock before they started the race. Pitch black when we crossed the finishing line a little over an hour later. Lots in fancy dress, loads of camaraderie when we hit the very wooded areas, the roots and old tree stumps were lethal if you caught them.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Never looked at that thread before Saffs - not that I'd have been able to recognise anyone anyway but must have seen some of you as we were down round the food tent and the start not too long before 5.30. Sounds like you all had fun anyway.
  • Woot - very enjoyable run!

    What the heck was in that stinky water I don't wanna know, and DW made sure that after the race I visited the guy with the hosepipe. image

    I'm kinda drawn to the Mighty Deerstalker next year for a change of pace - just a bit of a commitment travelwise.

  • It was good, but I enjoyed last year's more. The final obstacle was no where near as good! Still, it is the crazy kind of fun I like image

    The tree stumps are definitely to be avoided - my swollen gammy ankle agrees!

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