Am I Hurting Myself


I am 18 stone and pavement running, have been since January in the form of a couch to 5k running/walking programme three times a week. Prior to that I'd got back into badminton for about 6 months playing very regularly including league matches.

Am I going to destroy myself?! I do not feel or notice any pain during runs, just calves burning, sometimes the thigh, and definitely the lungs burning lol

Afterwards and the day after I am sore and achy, but it's fine and almost satisfying. My knees do feel sort of softly sore if I take the time to single them out quite a lot of the time. There is the odd extra twinge of increased soreness sometimes. I do get painfully sore shins but that goes away quickly.

They also click and crunch audibly, not during running, but if I'm squatting and getting up or bending them etc but they've done that for ages...there's no pain associated with it, it's just freaky.

Am I going to do permanent damage or will my body get used to it as I am doing it three times a week every week? Unfortunately I really do believe that running is one of the few things that will help me lose the weight I need/want to. If all goes well I intend to be 12/13 stone by New Year.

If it helps for some bizarre reason I am mega flexible and generally can stretch and bend better than fit thin types!

Thanks for any thoughts image


  • Hi Toby, it's difficult to comment on the aches and soreness you describe, we all get some of that, but real pain on a run is different and is a sign to stop before you hurt yourself and needs to be checked out by a physio or someone ...
    Anyway more generally have you been assessed for the right pair of shoes? that's the most important thing you can do to prevent injuries, any proper running shop will be able to advise on the best shoes ... you may already have some...
    The other thing is that it is knider to our joints to run on grass or a softer surface if you can for some of your runs ...
    other than that good luck with your running, badminton and weightloss image
  • Sounds like okay starting pains to me. particularly "I am sore and achy, but it's fine and almost satisfying" sounds good. Where are you? See if you have a local parkrun, they can be a great motivator - 5K free, timed run every Saturday, all ages, all abilities, usually with some people doing walk/run (Goggle for "parkrun" all one word if you don't know what I'm talking about).

    Also, I second the suggestion of trying to run on softer ground such as grass if you can.

  • Thanks guys. Add shin pains! image I'm in Reading so there is a local Parkrun.

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