Shin splints


I have had shin splints for the last 7 weeks and am finding it hard to get rid of.

Does anyone have any experience in which running shoes have the most cushioning? I currently have the mizuno wave inspire 8's.


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Emma

    A common cause is over or under pronation - have you had your gait analsysed to see if your heel or mid/front foot is rolling as you land?

    I've suffered on and off for a similar time period - you need to rest for at least 2 weeks to get rid, and the right shoes / heel wedges/ orthoses etc to stop it re-occurring...

  • Hello teknik

    Thank you for your post. Yes I over pronate and have trainers to suit this. I rested completely for 3/4 weeks and then tried half a mile once a week which caused Pain so I stopped. But I think the cause of my shin splints was a change in training Program - going from running 3 times a week to 6 times.

    I have ski boot inserts that are moulded to my feet and wonder whether they may help. Do you have any inserts that you use in your running shoes? What kind?

    Thank you.
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    Hi Emma

    I'm slowly becoming a biomechanical failure as the years plod by.  I used to slightly overpronate on one foot, now both, and the heel strike has got more pronounced as I have tried a new programme of high mileage/ low pace, meaning I'm jogging not running.

    To cut a long story short I have survived up until now with 3 degree wedges on the heel, but my latest bout of splints was caused by my new tactic of rolling the front of the foot too...I tried some over the counter orthotics but they hurt like hell, so now my podiatrist has cut me out some foam inserts that I've stuck into the instep of the inner sole, while we wait for some (soft) custom orthotic inserts.

    Running is an expensive hobby....image

  • It certainly is an expensive hobby! It's meant to be cheap!! Thank you for your help.
  • Wait till there is no pain then go see a running coach get your running as efficient as possible. Heel striking is probably the thing that is making it come back.

    I switched my style 2 years ago after having massive shin splins, I used to sit every week with ice packs on  my shins. I now run in very minimal shoes with no insoles, I like to go barefoot aswell (you dont heel strike then). No ice packs needed now.

    Good luck

  • By the way I dont pay more than £50 for my shoes, so very inexpensive.
  • Thank you nellymarcos
  • I am suffering 2 at moment, currently 7wks of not running and counting :0(, seen physio at wkend and he reckons it's my tight hamstrings that are causing problem, shortening stride and making me lift toe slightly higher than should. He checked itb, lower back mobility and ankle strength + mobility as well as lookin at my feet, might b worth getting checked over by physio 2 see if something else is contributing 2 it. He is also giving me accupuncture 2 speed up healing 2 the inflamed bone and massaging stretching the muscle of shin as sheath around muscle can get 2 tight as muscle grows in size. I 2 was running 6 days a week and will b reevaluating that when get back running, will def b crosstraining at least one of those days. Currently swimming, rowing and elliptical walking like a woman possessed trying 2 keep fitness levels up.
  • Grrrr I have the same problem. Meant to be doing the VLM but haven't done any real running for 6 weeks. My physio says my problem is tight calf muscles. Loads of stretching, rest, orthotics. Got another appointment tomorrow. She's going to give me a heel lift! Whatever that is?! The pain is easing but I'm not sure I'll ever run the marathon at this rate. So frustrating. Good luck. I hope yours gets better soon image
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    I followed the advice on another shin splint thread and bought a Mueller Shin Compression Sleeve - best £27 I've spent in a while.  Noticeably more compression than my long running socks, and the pain when walking is much reduced.  It won't cure the splints but it certainly helps....
  • I have also started acupuncture and have my second seccion tomorrow. Do you think acupuncture is helping tangerinetwirly? How many sessions have you had? Well I'm never running 6 days a week again!
  • Hello kimberly. I'm also meant to be doing VLM! not long to get back up!! Good Luck with your recovery too! I'm also seeing a Physio once a week, I don't appear to have any other issues- mine is caused by over training! So annoying.
  • Hello teknik. I have already got skins a400 compression tights that I have been wearing. Do you have any of these to compare to the mueller you have bought?
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Emma  I've got a range of different compression socks and tights - not Skins, admittedly - the Mueller sleeve is made of a tougher, medical gauze type material. It leaves an imprint of its pattern after taking it off, if that's any guide...

  • Ok that's helpful thank you- my skins leave an imprint too...
  • Only had 1 session of accupuncture so far so don't know how it's going 2 go yet. Tx
  • Don't actually think it was running 6 days a wk that caused mine, I can pin point it 2 one wk in particular, I had a cold + didn't run 4 3days then ran 8miles, 10miles and 14miles the following 3 days, that is when the 1st niggle set in. I then continued 2 run on it 4 2 months, as it gradually got worse and I hoped it would go away, then it suddenly went from niggly jaggy pain that came and went throughout run 2 constant pain everytime foot struck ground on my last run. That was nearly 7wks ago, I didn't go 2 doc or physio at that point, just rested. But when tried running again last wk had the same niggly pain I had b4 after few hundred metres so stopped immediately and made appointment with physio. Think main problem with this type of injury is it is very slow 2 heal due 2 limited blood supply so massage + accupuncture help. Tx
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