Pain where toe meets foot

I have a pain where my toe meets my foot, no swelling and is actually manageable and the pain disappears within 5 minutes into a run, however it is still noticeable when I am walking around normally.

The problem is i have an event in just under 2 weeks and then a longer event in just under 4 weeks so I really can't afford to stop training.

Anyone got any advice?


  • Which toe?

    I just had a similar problem in little toe/fifth metatarsal. Turns out I had dislocated it and crunched it back into place while I was working. It did take over a week to get a proper diagnosis as to what I had done as I was still able to walk on it fine, even though it was painful and there was no obvious bruising or fracture.

    I had a bit of swelling though, and the joint is now still poking out a bit at the side of my foot. The tendons had been bruised too which was causing the pain.

    I ran a 10k race yesterday with padding under the metatarsal head and a bunion pad over the poking out joint and was fine, although I have a mild ache today. I had rested it for almost two weeks and have been taking ibuprofen and using ibu-gel.

    I am training for a HM in 3 weeks, so understand your worry and frustration. When I was finally told what was wrong, I was advised keep taking anti-inflammatries until the day before the race and to ice it afterwards. I am going to keep placing padding under the metatarsal head while running for a while, and hope that the joint eventually doesn't poke out any more! If it persists after the HM I will be going back to the podiatrist as don't want to further damage it.

    I don't know if you have had the same problem, but it sort of sounds similar. I would recommend going to a sports physio/podiatrist who look at biomechanics to get it looked at, as my experience was that the dr was not interested in doing anything as I was able to walk fine.
  • Its my big toe
  • sesamoiditis?
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