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Hi all

 In case you're interested.  My weekly blog update:

 I've decided that this is going to be a year of running for me.  I'm a runner - not a racer per se and too busy to do any running of any real value.   This year however, in spite of all the aforementioned, I'm going to run 5/6 marathons AND an ultra-race (40 miles).  Follow my blog, scoff at my inadequacies or merely just enjoy reading of training and intentions.

It's the best I can do but at least I'm doing my best!



  • Hi all

     My weekly update... time to think about my diet and my sleep!  Recovery is proving just too slow!

     Enjoy - feedback and suggestions are most welcomed!


  • Hi, nice blog...

    The trials of fitting in running with work, parenting, and life in general strikes a chord with me (and probably many others) so hope you continue to find your own way through, and good luck with the training image
  • Thank you 'Young Pup'... I think the planning for running is proving as much a stimulation and challenge as the physical training itself.  May the year bring lots of 'fun' runs for you too! image

  • Hey. My weekly training blog has been updated should you wish to read it.
    My training for a year of marathons is going well and now only 20 days until my first event in Milan. Not easy being a single mum but getting there all the same!


    Hi all

    I'm now 14 weeks into my 50 week training plan and nearly 500 miles clocked up in training.  Feel free to check out the blog.  My first marathon of the year is in only 12 days from now. 


  • i am following a runners world plan for the belfast marathon, done my 1st 18 last week, and was planning to do short miles this week to help me recover (but my plan says do another 20 miles this week) should I be sticking to the plan or run what I feel my body can cope with? is it wise to do a 20 miler the last two weeks before marathon day?
  • Hi Runner32!

    I always have a training plan that I use as a guide basis but use it only as a guide.  I always make sure that I can fit my training around my working/living life but also let my body determine what I can/cannot do. 

    I know plenty of people who pull out a long run week after week which I simply cannot do - both time and body dictate otherwise.  Typically therefore my long runs are on a fortnightly basis with the final long run being two weeks before the actual marathon date.  This year however I'm aiming to get my 22 miler done 3 weeks before the marathon and then only a 15-16 miler as my longest single distance two weeks beforehand. 

    Good luck with Belfast, I'd be interested to know how you get on.


  • hi there,

    thanks for your advice, i was always told that you should not do your long 20-22 miler any more than 3 weeks, but some people do it two weeks, i think i will do a 15 miler this week, then do my 20 miles the following and see how my body feels after that.  to be honest done my 1st 18 last week, and it was a struggle but i am hoping my next long run wont be as do you push through that pan barrier, my last 5 mile i was stoppoing and starting to stretch, if only i could keep up my speed the whole way though, although i have been given advice that on my next long run do my 1st 8 mile slightl slower than the last 8, makes you feel stronger??

  • Hi runner 32

    How did you get on?  I think the 'mental toughness' is really tested during those final few miles hey?  In my long training runs, I always tried to control the speed and set it to around 9min or even 9:15mins/mile but averaged 8min42 secs/mile for the marathon with a constant speed pretty much throughout (amazingly, the second half of my Milan marathon was only 24 seconds slower than the first half).  The SLOW training means that the body recovers much quicker and enables training to continue.  You need to back it up by having faster but short runs too.  

    I hope you enjoyed Belfast! x


    In case you're all interested... and some of you may well be!  I'm now in week 19 of my 50 week training plan.  First marathon is done and dusted, now just over 3 weeks until Edinburgh, my second marathon of the year!  All very exciting (and sometimes painful). image

  • hi Belfast isnt too monday 7th, so my last 19 mile run was 2 weeks ago, and it felt great. yes there was pain, but i managed to run all of it, it rained whole time perhaps tat helped, but i have lost over a stone in weight and I feel much lighter and feel i can run faster now! so fingers crossed for monday.

  • Hi Runner32 - how did you get on?

  • Hi all!

    In case you're interested, I'm now in week 24 of my marathon training year (out of a 50 week training plan)... nearly half-way!  I've also now completed two of my scheduled 6/7 marathons and have updated my blog accordingly.

    Enjoy!  image


  • hi there, would you believe i had the best race of my life!!all my training didnt seem to be going that well, and the weather was totally ridiculous, as in it was cold, wet and windy but it actually agreed with me because I beat my predicted by 30 mins and beat my pb by 38 minutes, couldnt believe how well it went.

    probably the fact that I have lost 1st in weight helped me too, felt much lighter, have entered London


  • i done it in 4hr54 mins

  • Well done you! X
  • Hi Sarah, nice blog and makes for good reading. Keep it up.

  • SSING - Thank you! 

  • Hi all

    As if I'm now almost at the end of week 32, that means I'm almost two thirds through my training plan.  Please feel free to read my blog and scoff at my inadequacies!


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