MK Half Marathon

Well done to everyone that took part in the MK Half yesterday, shocking weather conditions but a good race. I even managed a PB!

A big thanks as well to all the marshalls that were out in the cold and rain for hours. See you all next year!!


  • Congratulations on your P.B!
    The weather was dreadful. I felt for all the marshalls who did such a fantastic job, and remained cheerful. Big thanks to all supporters, marshalls and organisers.
  • Thanks Katy. How did you get on?

    The support along the route was great from the locals and certainly helped at times! My only complaint would be the start not having staggered/defined sections for expected finish times.

  • Thanks katy and jamie, i was marshaling just before the 5 mile point then later at the 11.5 mile point by the Cross keys pub, i thought the spirit in the runners was fantastic. felt you al earned your medals. well done

  • RtB - sorry mate I didn't spot you out there.

     Some of the worst conditions I have ever run in. I have always disliked driving rain.

     Low temperatures OK, rain OK, not so keen on wind but wind and rain together are a nightmare.

    I usually warm-up during a race but was frozen at the end although i did make it in before the snow.

     The weather seemed to deterioate around mile 9. I think it was probably just winder but felt wetter as well. Also the temperature dropped from around 8C at the start to 3C at the finish.

    So didn't really enjoy the run to be honest (last four miles are the toughest on  that course anyway even without the weather conditions) but agree about marshalls. Standing in that for several hours would not be much fun !!

  • Jamie,

    I finished in 2:02, which I was quite pleased about, it not a PB but better than the last half Idid. Had a nightmare couple of miles near the end.

    Return to Bletchley - thanks for your comments and you help on the day. 11.5 miles thats the point I was really swearing and talking myself into going faster. Sorry if you heared it, I have a mouth like a sewer when it comes to motivating myself.

  • Yep, conditions were dreadful.  But the marshalls did a fab job and some loud locals cheering us all on too.  Somehow I managed a PB, but only had one previous Half time to beat which was set at Bedford in December. So maybe slightly easier course helped, albeit last 1.5 miles was tough!

    Maybe could have staggered the 10k / Half starts a bit more too - I seemed to get stuck behind some 10k stragglers on a coupld of occasions.

  • Well done on your time Katy, and at least it was quicker than your last race.

    My friend told me about the inclines throughout the last couple of miles, but I wasn't expecting them to be as tough as some of them were. Especially the route up to the bridge crossing over the road near the end. I agree with Brooks, the weather did seem to get a lot worse, and as soon as I crossed the finish line and stopped, I was shivering. The temperature had definitely dropped since the start!!

     Return to Bletchley, thanks for all your help. You guys deserved a medal as well.

    By the way, was anyone else a bit disappointed with the "goody bag" or lack of? A small bottle of water and medal!!

  • I did spot the lack of goody bag.Im a sucker for these even if they contain leaflets and vouchers.

     But to be honest when I finished what I really  needed was a  foil blanket and a cup of hot sweet tea.

    Looking back it would have been helpful to line up at the start in finishing time order, not pens but just signs along the start area as a suggestion of starting place. I started too far foward which meant the first couple of miles were much faster than they should have been and I  could have been a pain to other runners.

    Despite this, I think it was well organised race which I would do again. The marshalls were second to none and it was good to be able to wait in the warm of escape until the start.

  • I'm the same Katy with the goody bags. But a foil blanket would have been a great help yesterday!

    A mug of tea and a soak in the bath definitely helped when I got home.

     I said the same about organising the start into expected finishing times in my review of the race. It does help and makes a difference as you found out Katy. Some people think that being as close to the front is best, when in fact it can cause problems for other runners when you're trying to weave in an out of people as you try to overtake them.

    I'll be back next year.........rain or shine image

  • hi brookes , didnt see you either, but did see you in results page. hope you are well, and now defrosted.

    decided to marshall yesterday as i am running finchley 20 this coming sunday in ruislip.

    ps are you running sandy 10  and oakley 20 as i have also entered these.

    all the best rtb Geoff

  • My first MK run. I thought the course was fine, but quite tough towards the end (not complaining though. I really felt sorry for the marshals and supporters who all did a great job in encouraging us on. At the end I was very cold (despite PB), and if I didn't have a car with a good heater and a change of clothes I'd have been in trouble. Lots of VERY cold, dis-oriented people at the finish line - space blankets would have been very much appreciated. All in all though I had a great run and I'm looking forward to the full marathon later on in the year. Hopefully the weather will be a bit better then image
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