Berkhamsted (Berko) Half Marathon 2012

I ran this yesterday.  Despite the driving rain, cold and a few hills thrown in to boot, it was a good race.


I do, however, have an issue; my Garmin, which is started / stopped as I cross the respective chip timing mats, showed 2:00:09.  I had hope when official results were released this morning that the chip time might give me back ten seconds but instead I’m officially registered as taking 2:01:26 (a significant difference) which is more like the clock time but they’d be silly to release this info without a complimentary chip time.


Has anyone else noticed similar errors?  I want a sub two hour hilly half marathon time!!




  • No such problem for me; my stopwatch said 1:35:27 and the chip time says 1:35:28.

    Definitely coming back for another go at this one next year.

  • Nice work Will!

    I guess my watch took a one and a half minute nap somewhere along the route - b*gger!

  • Did this race as well yesterday for the 5th consecutive year.

    Firstly, I hope the guy who had collapsed just after the canal/railway bridge at 2 miles is ok. There was already a number of runners assisting him so I hope aid arrived swiftly.

    Secondly, for me it was a slow race at 1.50.38, I'll blame the weather and finishing work at 3am!

    And thirdly, but by no means last, thanks to the brave people who stood out to give us the encouragement and support we depend on to get us around. On days like yesterday it must have been a test a stamina just like running is for us.

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    They are gun times. Chip times are at my gun time was 2 mins slower than my chip time as I started well back. Missed out on a sub 2hour by 55 seconds image
  • Tim, thanks.  Chip time 2:00:09, so exactly the same as Garmin (shame)!


  • There's some film footage of the race here although it fails to capture just how wet it was:

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