Dublin races

Afternoon all

I was hoping to combine a weekend in Dublin this year with a race  and wondered if anyone could recommend a suitable race in the Dublin area - ideally a 10k or half marathon.

 Many thanks

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  • The Great Ireland Run is on in the Phoenix Park on Sunday 15th April. Check it out on www.greatrun.org. Its always a good event but you would want to enter soon.
  • Also there is a race series in the park in July, August and Sept with a 5 mile, 10 mile and half marathon. Very reasonable to enter and they are very well organised. Check these out on the Dublin Marathon website. I think entry opened recently. Good luck!
  • Thanks very much Maire.

     Unfortunately the Great Ireland Run is too early - going to Bonn on 19th April to run a half marathon there - no way I'll get two jollies in one month!

     I will have a look at the Dublin Marathon website.

    Thanks again. image

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