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Anyone recommend a decent store that stocks clothing/backpacks/shoes from the likes of Salamon, Inov8, OMM, Odlo etc?

Based in the SE region (Teddington) but happy to travel out.



  • There's nowhere that pretty much stocks everything outside of the online shops but you could worse that Covent Garden, there's Snow and Rock, TNF Cotswolds Ellis Brigham and Trek and Field all within walking distance of each other
  • Yes been to those stores, they are not bad partic for the more expensive brands(!).
    I was hoping for a bigger range - perhaps a Cotswold store a bit further afield?
  • I think to get a really decent range you'd probably have to travel to the Lake District. Go Outdoors have a fairly decent range up in Edgeware with the added advantage of having a decent discount card.
    I take it you want to try on stuff rather than ordering online? Is there anything in specific you are looking for?
  • Yes I'd prefer to try a few items out first.
    I need:
    x2 bottle holding waist or backpack. Olmo5 is interesting but want to try a few other options - perhaps a tighter 5ltr backpack with side bottle holders. Salomon have some good options with bladders.
    LS lightweight run top (thermal) - omm, oldo or salomon
    shoes - Something more cushioned but similar to my 295 roclites
  • Daz - probably a bit far, but you could always tie it in with a training weekend - Likeys is always your best bet, over in the lovely Brecons...


  • Well I have a osprey talon 4 double bottle pack you're welcome to borrow if it helps, other than that I love icebreaker stuff and the under armour thermal tops are pretty good too
  • Lirish, thanks for that, I wouldnt mind trying it out to get a feel for weight distribution
  • Not a problem, when are you about? I'm just off out around Richmond park or I can drop it somewhere to you tonight and you can keep it for a while?
  • P.s. did you get the Petzl or shall I drop that over too?
  • Cheers for that! Back in Teddington from Thurs - have Pmd you.
  • Daz

    I've got a Salomon S Lab Skins 12ltr back pack if you want to try it on. I know its not a 5ltr but would give you a feel

     I also live in Teddington so could drop it in to you if you are interested

  • Veggie I thought you'd lose that at Cookham if you weren't careful, some serious pack envy going on image
  • I know, they are the dog's doodaas aren't they
  • I liked it but not nearly as much as Tim did image
  • Well, if you like the Osprey Talon 4 i'll sell you mine - used once! Bought it in the Lakes a couple of weeks ago, did one run with it, which confirmed I don't like running with a waist pack! Lucozade Sport has stained one of the bottles slightly but other than that it's mint! Blue colour....
  • Gotta love RW!
    Veggieboy, yes please Ill PM you
    rocker666, I'll prob take you up on that if I like the fit. I don't have a x2 bottle waist pack so if anything it would make a good alternative to the others (Im building up quite a collection now, but usually stick with Olmo5 and a x2 200ml gel waist pack for ultras. I need to slim it down a bit!)
  • try online - Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle seem the best for price.

    I just bought Salomon Speedcross 3 from CRC for £50 (Price in shops £90)

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