Like the Nike triax 15 but lighter???

Hi guys so I have been running with the Nike TRiax 15's since I had my gait analysed in November . I am training for my first marathon and figured they would be battered by then so was thinking of getting a second pair of shoes and alternating them, I find them ok but after a 16 mile run they fely really heavy, I like the support they offer but find them a bit heavy . Can anyone suggest anything similar ( I over pronate) but on the lighter side ? Or should your second pair be the same as your first ???? HELP


  • If nike fit your foot well, then the nike pegasus feel very similar, but a bit lighter. Then of course there is a nike lunarglide which are much lighter....but their dymanic mumbo jumbo should help with pronation. There are slightly different than regular nike sizing though. For instance I take a size 9 in triax, zoom, pegasus or free, but in lunar soles im an 8.5. Nike uppers are also fairly similar, so might make the change similar.

    I alternate between using lunar eclipse 2, lunarglide 3 on the road and then pegasus off road. Because in any week I'll typically wear 3 different pairs of running shoes (I find it helps me wear new pairs in, plus keeps them alive a bit longer as they have longer to dry out etc). Most people will have 1 or 2 pairs for training and then a lighter race day version of their training shoe and maybe a trail version as well. I personally skip the lighter race day version as I under pronate and really like the fit and feel of the lunar shoes after 10 miles or so.

    FYI I just checked and the lunar eclipse 2 (the new ones) are almost the same weight as the triax. (around 12 oz) but the lunar glide 3 (4 comes out in the summer, so 3 are at a good price now) are around 9 oz and also marketed as a support / neutral shoe. Maybe something you'd use now and then and on race day.

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