Missing last long run?

It's only a couple of degrees above freezing, it's tipping it down with nasty cold rain, blowing a gale and I am supposed to be running 9-10 miles. I normally run in most weather, including snow, but I haven't run in rain and wind like this before - a half mile walk left me soaking wet and freezing cold.

I have my first HM next Sunday - do I go out and get wet or risk missing the last long run before the race? Can't go tomorrow as I won't have time before or after work (and it will probably still be raining).

Argh! Indecision! What should I do?


  • Ali
    Get out there and be stung like a bee!
    For if not there'll be no PB for thee
    I'm thinking you must be a southern softee
    Cause for us +2 wind and rain would be pure toffee.
    PS Take Snicker bar with you

    BOL next week
  • You know what you should do. Will you get round the course if you don't - probably. Will you always wonder what if... - definitely. What will you do if it's raining and blowing a hooley on race day?
  • By next Sunday do you mean the Sun 11th?
    If so (and you're looking for an excuse), any run between now and then won't have any positive effect on your race time.
  • But getting out there in the bad weather and just doing it and knowing you can do it again if the weather is similarly crap for the race will have a positive effect on your confidence and mental strength. Wrap up well and don't worry too much about your speed, just concentrate on getting round the 10 miles...
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    My advice would be don't be so hard on yourself. I missed my long run yesterday when it started snowing (!). Sometimes a little rest will do good for you before the Big Race Day. I do not think you are a softy, I do not see much point getting outside in ghastly weather, you may just make yourself ill. If you have followed through your training plan diligently, you will be fine on race day.
  • I was worried that by getting cold and wet I was going to leave my immune system lowered enough to catch my son's nasty cold (and possibly the impetigo to boot!) but accept I was being a bit of a wuss.

    My running gear consists of a ten-year-old pair of leggings and tshirts from Primark which get really heavy, clammy and horrible when wet. I went running in three inches of snow last month without a thought but throw some heavy rain at me and I turn into a gibbering wreck!!

    I did go running (sneaked into the gym with my husband; now I feel guilty about that too) and went on a treadmill. I ran for an hour and did a measly 8.5 k which is absolutely rubbish even for me. I suspect that karma was at work here tonight... serves me right!

  • Hey, well done. At least you did something!

    For future bad weather, invest in a cheap fleece hat and a cheap lightweight waterproof running jacket  - from Aldi or Lidl the two will only cost £10 but will make a world of difference.

  • Jacket suitable for running in the wet is on my shopping list. In the cold I use an old hoody but again, it gets all heavy when it gets wet.

  • Never been one for the whole jacket and wrapping up for a run...in fact not sure how anyone can.

    I get very warm when running and would (if modesty didn't get in the way ..not forgetting a bit of a belly...image) run without any top for the last few miles just to cool down. I am amazed to see so many runners with hats,gloves and fleecey tops ...image

    But then again I am a northerner and we are ARD !! image

    Carpathius ..good luck on the day if you have trained consistently you should be ok as the race day experience will give you some extra speed / distance

  • go to sports direct for cheap synthetic running clothes that will not get heavy!

    karrimore t-shirts from about £4, leggings around £6-£7

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