getting back to training after injury

Hi, I was planning to do the Brighton Marathon on 15 April but injured my hamstring and have not been able to run for three weeks.  I was just about resigned to having to give up on the marathon, but went for a short run yesterday without any pain, and the leg feels fine today.  I am just wondering whether it's realistic to resume training, and if so how to go about it?  It will be my first marathon and I haven't got time in mind, just want to get round.  Any advice welcomed


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    How far is your longest run to date?

    How long have you been running for?

    You have a couple of weeks to get back up to fitness, not that you should have lost much if any, just don't over do it this first week. You can still fit in some long runs and some easy running in between.

    I don't see any reason why you should not be able to complete the marathon. Brighton is easy, it's quite flat - there is a small up bit at the start but you'll be feeling fresh, it's followed by a downhill to help you recover, then it's flat.

    You need to plan your race stratergy so that you don't set off too fast then hit the wall. If you set off slowly and keep a fairly constant pace you should be fine.

    Without knowing too much about injury - Hamstring often occurs when doing speedwork, so if you have been doing speed work, ditch that.

  • Thanks, this is really encouraging.  My longest run so far has been 2 hr 15 min (I haven't been counting in miles), and I've been running on and off for years but I suppose only seriously for the past year or so.  I'm just wondering what I should aim for in terms of a long run this weekend - if I hadn't had the injury I'd be doing 2 hr 30 min but I don't think I will attempt this - I was thinking an hour and see how it goes?
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