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So I need new headphones. I always have a lot of problems finding suitable ones and need ones that hook around as I have very small ears so they never stay in. But even with ones that hook around I have to use a headband to help them stay in place and its driving me a little crazy...

I'm looking for some good over ear headphones that are going to be suitable for running. Then i can use them training but also use them on a day to day basis.

Any helkp would be really appreciated. Thanks


  • Hi

    I share your small ear issue and problem of headphones staying in. My current pair are the best I have had - excellent sound and they stay in! They are not the cheapest , but bargaIns can be had.

    I use Bose IE2 - they are 'in-ear' phones, but they come with different sized silicon buds and the small are perfect On the hgh street they are around £80, but I got mine brand new on EBay for £35. Two years on they are still going and I'd definitely buy them again.
  • Although not a well known brand, SoundMagic do various in ears with various size buds. I really like the sound and fit of my PL30's (Think they cost about £30 but are probably cheaper now)

    They get good reviews on various hifi type sites. Definitely worth a google!

    Good luck  image

  • Sennheiser sports are good ones to have. One of the most popular in the shop where I work and have the 'fin' design to fit in your ear rather than the ear hooks which i can't stand when running.
    They start at around £35
  • An alternative is to get some that fit and then make them overear. To make an overear piece, get some heatshrink sleeving that just fits over the minijack. About an inch or two will do. Move it up to the earpiece. Slide in a piece of wire e.g. mains wire incl insulation into the heatshrink to take up some slack. Then shrink in place with a hairdryer or lighter. The wire can be used to make the right shape over the ear.
  • try the sennheiser PMX-680 band style, a full over ear will get sweaty and horrible when running

  • My Sennheiser PMX-800's are excellent and lasting well after 8 months. They don'y make them now and they only the sell the double the price Adidas version now image
  • Yup, I've got the Sennheiser/Adidas ones as well - they've done a great job. Sheathed in kevlar too, just in case someone shoots at you while you're running... image

     Highly recommended, they're a bit more expensive, but they totally do the job.

  • I've got the tiniest earholes ever and found the Sennheiser CX 680i with the earfins were a perfect fit but the lead was a little short and they don't last too long. I think my last set only lasted a few months before the wire failed.

    I now use Soundmagic E30 which hook over the ear. They stay in place, sound ok, have a plenty long enough wire and are only £40.

    Top headphones for ickle ears

  • I have cheap Karrimor ones from Sports Direct which work fine. The cable's a little long and they come in either bright yellow or bright pink. The sound quality's not the best (as you'd expect for under £10) but they stay in.

    The only issue I've found with them is that I need to wear my hair in a lower ponytail than I would usually or it makes the headphones sit at an odd angle.

  • My brother in law bought me some of the Sennheiser neck band type as above - they are fabulous and you can still hear road noise around you which I think is a good safety thing.  I'd rather ave an idea/hear if I'm about to be hit than be oblivious.  The inner ear ones can be good but sweat/heat usually means you spend more time fiddling with them to get a good fit during your run and they block most/all exterior sound.

    But this is of course only someone else's opinion.

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