Wilmslow Tri

Hiya, am doing my first triathlon at Wilmslow in May, any advise for the transition from pool swim to the bike? Not going for a qualifying time or anything so should I towel off or just go with the wet trunks look????? help required!!!!


  • Hi Carl

    Please follow the link below, this should you all the info about sprint triathlon

    PSOF Sprint Tri FAQ

    Enjoy your first tri

  • thanks mate, thats all well and good when you are just unzipping a wetsuit though, don`t you agree??
  • Hi, first off congratulations on signing up for what I think is probably one of the best first time tri's you can do.  Not only is the venue and course perfect, but xtramile know how to put on a race and that course has been run for years now.  Disclosure, before moving to NZ then I referreed that race 3 times I think, and either crewed, refereed or worked for them at another 20 or so of their events.

    Your first one is all about  getting to that finish. So do what you want to be comfortable.  It's an earlyish season one, so it could well be nippy in teh morning, and unless you've come from a swim background then you're likely to be seeding yourself to get an earlyish swim time (hence even colder).  So 30 seconds to towel off isn't a big issue. 

     But as a serious point, then have a shower at home then try to put your kit on.  You'll find that your cycling jersey will stick and be really hard to put on.  The trick is to put the jersey on before you start the race, then roll it up as you take it off, leaving it rollled in a hoop, so that when you put it on in the race then it sticks and just unrolls. 

    Turn up early, don't be flustered.  Dont swim too fast, there's still the bike and run.  When you've swum way too fast, then don't try to carry on pushing on the bike and hoping that the run wil be ok.  When you get back from the bike totally knackered as you've swum too fast and then biked too fast, then bollox to it and just head out on the run and pray image

  • ha ha ha belting advise, thats the best I have had....love it mate
  • Alternatively, get yourself a trisuit or a tritop and swim in it. That way you are setup for the bike and the run with no need to towel off and change!
    The advice about taking it easy in the swim and cycle is good! There is a hill you run up twice and a couple of flights of steps so save some energy for that.
    You'll love it!
  • thanks Nick, bought myself some Jammers, am tempted to cycle in those then pull running shorts on later. Intend to cycle and run the route closer to the day as I only live in Mobberley
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