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I'm running the Rome marathon on 18th March and i've done all of my training since November in Asics Gel Trabuco trail shoes because most of my training has been off road.

 Would the same shoes be okay for the Rome marathon or do i need street shoes with more heel cushioning? I have done a trail marathon in these shoes.


  • pretty sure that the trabucco is essentially a road shoe, but with a more aggressive/knobbly tread pattern. In which case it would be fine.
  • that's a relief to know becaude i've left it a bit late to risk using a new set of shoes. Thanks very much for your reply.
  • Er, I run in both Nimbus' and Trabucos, and I strongly disagree that the Trabuco is essentially a road shoe. I'll do a few road miles in the Trabucos every once in a while, but they have nowhere near the cushioning of a traditional road shoe.

    Have you done any of your long runs on pavement in the Trabucos?

    Is your need for cushioning diminished because you're a forefoot striker?

    I hate to say it (because I know that you don't need this kind of doubt in the back of your mind), but I'd try and get a pair of road shoes and put a few taper miles in.

  • Oh nooooooooo.

    Yes, many of the off road runs have incorporated long asphalt and pavement, such as The Yorkshire Bridge pub near bamford all the way around Derwent reservoir which is 18 miles. I don't land on my toes, as much as i have read about it i just can't do it.

    I might have to nip out and get some tomorrow, a half or full sie bigger for a marathon. I have plenty of tapering miles left to do before 18th.


  • Would you say the Nimbus are a good one to go for? if i normally take 44 would you say 45 for a marathon? I didn't know about foot swelling last year when i did a marathon and ended up with black toes.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Always go one size up with running shoes. Your feet swell quite a bit. Rome is going to be warm, if you are fling out your feet may also still be slightly swollen from the flight.

    There are several problems with running in off road shoes, I find that they just aren't responsive enough on the road but as you aren't going to be running at a fast pace (ie your 10k pace) this won't really be a problem.

    I have used the Trabuco's and find them far more of a multi terrain shoe than a dedicated off road shoe, still I think they offer too much protection that may mean that your feet will get too hot but that's more personal.

    At this stage I think your gambling whatever you do.

    I have only heard good things about the Nimbus, it might be a safe option.

  • I'm happy with the Nimbus, but I'm a neutral runner and they happen to fit my feet. Size-wise, if I loosen the laces and push my toes gently to the end, there's about a finger (12mm) space behind the heel. I'd get to a specialist shop and try a bunch on. Sweatshop has a thing where if they recommend you a shoe, then you can return it (used) in 30 days for a different pair. They might also have a "buy one, get another pair for 25 quid" deal still on. (Not sure...)

    Good luck!


    This is what i have. Sorry to labour this, but would these be that different to the Nimbus. I'm a neutral runner too.

  • Plook wrote (see)

    This is what i have. Sorry to labour this, but would these be that different to the Nimbus. I'm a neutral runner too.

    I've got a pair of the series 12 and a pair of the series 13 of those, and as my original comment, they are quite different. Get thee to a specialist running shop!
  • Ok, Nimbus it is today. Appreciate the advice.  I have time to do the last of the tapering with them.
  • i stand corrected.


  • I'm another Nimbus/Trabuco wearer and would agree that the Trabuco is too harsh for a full road marathon - fine for short stretches of the hard stuff but over 26miles, no. I did Beachy Head Marathon in the Trabucos a few years ago when it was very dry - my feet were aching like hell after. Yet in Nimbus in similar conditions, my feet have coped well.

    Nimbus would be the weapon of choice for Rome - the last and fit is very similar to the Trabuco so you should be OK but do get some training miles in and some decent socks to go with them.
  • Might sound obvious, but you only need more heel cushioning if you heel strike - Otherwise you are just carrying extra weight. I'd go for a road shoe rather than a trail shoe just for the weight saving - after about 20 miles, every gram will feel like it matters.
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