recovery of foot injury

Can anyone advise me how to retrain after a foot injury of the supporting band of the upper part of the foot which supports the ligaments and holds them in place. It was done whilst hill running intervals to gain endurance and speed. Doctors told me to rest it that was over 12weeks ago. The injury was to my left foot and I am a lefty the foot feels stiffer now but all swelling has gone down so it should be back to normal but there is a difference in condition now. At the time of injury I had been running consistently for 2 and a half years without injury, at an average of 40-50 miles a week, a resting heart rate of 45 beats per minute and I am now 46 years old.My last competative run was the Grim challenge 4/12/2011 with a distance of approx. 8.25miles completed in 1:10:34 placed at 297 /2000. The Great South run 10 miles 30/10/2011 completed in 1:14:31 run . Any suggestions to regain my physical fitness? I would like to compete in the Isle of Skye highland games in the open peak challenge but I am worried about training on hills again as this was how I injured my foot.
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