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I am contemplating getting a pair as I like the feel of green silences (i.e. light and flexible) but would like a bit more cushioning to use for training on long runs.
What people experiences are with the flow vs connect? Have been looking at cadence too (good review in recent RW) but I am a neutral runner


  • Just bought some Cadence. Not run in them yet, but bloody hell they are so comfy!
  • they look that! let me know how they feel on the run when you've tried them pls
  • Sure. I have a 4 mile recovery run on Sunday which wil be ideal.
  • If any of you have a spare moment could you fill in a questionnaire about your Running Shoes for a Finalist research Project at Loughborough University.

  • Just taken these puppies out for my first 4 mile run. Fantastic! Based on initial feel and 4 miles of running they are by far the most comfortable running shoe ever.
  • sounds good. My husband also loves them even though he is a neutral runner - he tried connects and flow in the shop but says cadence felt best. I am also a neutral runner and I guess will need to try for myself which ones feel best
  • They felt better than the others for me too
  • Pur Cadence is a fantastic shoe. I've done a 4, 9 and now 10 miles in them. I love 'em!
  • Took the plunge and bought a pair of flows - felt much nicer than connects when I tried them in the shop.

    First run today - total heaven for first 5k, but even though I have been a midfoot striker for some time, they really bring the landing point even forward - result is you feel you're floating, but the calfs were killing me in the soceond half of my 6M run.

    I should have listened to good advice and started with a shorter run as they clearly need adaptation period, but otherwise am really excited about them.

    Comfortable like old slippers, no rubbing issues at all.
  • My experience with them is that my calfs never felt better even after my marathon a few weeks ago in them. I assumes it may be because the lower heel allowed my calfs to stretch out fully.

  • SSLHP perhaps you had been forefoot striker even before getting into cadence so it was not a problematic transition. I am sure for me it's just a matter of getting used to it, but other than that they really feel great. I haven't tried cadence in the shop as was told I should go for neutral, but did a trial run in pure connects - they felt strange and quite stiff. 

  • I love, love, love my pure flows the perfect shoes for me. I'm working up to buying my third pair. I used to have knee problems until I worked on my form to become a midfoot striker and the Pureflows really help that. 


  • Best shoes ever. Ever!


  • I have the pure grits and they are the comfiest shoes I own, did 50k in them without any blisters! Tempted to try one of the road shoes next time I need some!
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