Starting Again!

Hi Guys and Girls...

I've been on the Forum for some time now but lapsed into a period of NON-RUNNING (*gasp). The period has lasted for quite a few years now. I've piled on the weight but I am using the target of 'Running Again' as an incentive to lose the weight. I loved running. No, I love running. I was only a BEGINNER back then, in the eye's of most but I developed a passion for it...

I really can't wait until I start plodding... When that happens I know I'll have made it and achieved something. Just slipping some running shoes on and getting back into a form of training will be great.

First and foremost I need to shift a lot of poundage... before exerting my knee's etc to the onslaught! lol

If anyone would like to follow my progress from S**T to FIT and give me any support I'd be extremely grateful...

I can be found at and here on Twitter Sh*t2Fit

Just so excited to have started my journey BACK!!! image


  • Always nice to see a new blog - and good luck with getting back into the plodding.

    Couldn't figure out how to follow your site - is there a simple way to get e-mail update? I'm rubbish at remembering to check into sites...

    If you're interested, my blog is at:

  • I'll follow and support on here if that's ok?  Am trying to shift around 17lbs myself but am still out there running.  Suffered from a lack of mojo for a while but on average run around 15-20 miles a week.  Am just embarking on an 8 week schedule to try and crack my 10k pb of 58 minutes (I'm a plodder too!).

    Good luck but why wait, can't you start with a walk 1 min run 1 min schedule or something similar?  That's how I started.

  • I agree with Trigger

    when i started i bought Bruce Tulloh's book 'running over forty'

    it starts with some easy achievable walk only, and walk/run schedules that are managable by most people.

    you may be able to find it in the library to save cash

    good for you, good luck

    great blog by the way! 

  • I used the Beginning Runner's Handbook - starts at 30 seconds run, 4:30 walk and slowly builds. It's a 13 week programme and ends with a 10k.

    Can highly recommend it.

  • Wow!!! First let me just THANK all of you for your responses. I have to say that I've been on a few 'other' forums, mainly dealing with fitness and exercise, and never had a response. I had forgot what a friendly group of people 'runners' are! Thank you... image

    @pursuedbyangrybees - Thank for the reply. I've subscribed to your blog and will take a read tonight. I have added a 'FOLLOW' (subscribe) button to the bottom of the page. I am hosting the blog on my own space therefore one or two of the 'Wordpress' functions aren't available and have to be added via widgets/plugin's... hopefully it'll work!

    @trigger2 - Thanks for the support, it's much needed. If you go to my blog you'll realise why I have to lose a little weight before starting to run. I'd like to shift about 4 stone before starting off on a 'Couch Potato to 5K' plan! It's how I started many years ago. It worked.

    @Max's Mum - Hi, thanks for the post. I'll take a look. I'm sure it's similar to a plan I have used before. It's always good to look a new thing's and mix it up.

    I am concentrating on just losing weight at the moment. The running WILL come in the next few months. I plan to do weight training as well. It's a kind of all round fitness plan culminating in me getting back RUNNING...

    I'm on TWITTER at!/Shit2Fit

    Sorry about the term 'SHIT2FIT'... image but it does sum me up! image


    Your support is MUCH appreciated image
  • Not sure what dietary plan you're going to be using but I've used SW before and shifted 2 1/2 stone in about 7 months without any exercise at all.

    Will check out the blog later - am posting from work and it won't allow me access!

  • I am basically using a diet that is aimed at weight-training, but reduced protein intake. It's quite balanced. Each meal/snack consists of a portion of protein and carbs, throwing in vegetables as well.

    Eating five or six times a day...

    6am Breakfast
    9am Snack (mid-meal as people like to call them!)
    12am Lunch
    3pm Snack
    6pm Dinner
    9pm Snack (only sometimes)

    It gets hard because I work 12 hour shifts, days/nights! When to eat and exercise becomes a juggling act... image

    Oh yeah... I've lost 8½lb's in two weeks. Feel GREAT... so far! lol
  • Well done!  Checked out the blog from home.  The most I've ever lost in a week is 7lbs so can appreciate how hard it is.#

    Look forward to hearing more image

  • Well... I'm up at stoopid o'clock again!!! lol This is what 'Shift Work' does to you. It's my DAY OFF !!! BooHoo!!
  • Do we have a lot of TWITTER'ERS on here?
  • No tweeting for me - strictly for the birdsimage
  • That's a shame... I could annoy you that way also!!! lol image
  • Hi there!

    A bit late entry, I hope it's ok! image

    Good job Shit2Fit.. Cool blog as well!

    @PBAB: Great blog as well! Much enjoyed it!

  • Hi Eve_C,

    it's NEVER too late. I'm a prime example of this. I've attempted to lose weight on three other occasions before this... I have the original 'Shit2Fit', next was 'Shit2Fit V2.0' and then 'Shit2Fit ~ Now It's Personal'... lol

    I'll get there this time! I have the right 'frame of mind' and I'm determined to get back running.

    Thanks for the comments about my BLOG... they are much appreciated. I agree with you also @PBAB's blog is good image

    Stay in Touch! image
  • Thanks for that! image 

    If you are following a 6-meal regime, you will absolutely love the Abs Diet by D. Zinczenko (from Men's Health).. Nice, balanced, no fuss, realistic and easy to follow when time is an issue (which I guess always is! At least for me!!)

     Not dropping too low on calories as well, will prevent you from plateu-ing and keep your weight loss slower but real (i.e. fat loss not muscle loss). You should also consider adding some resistance training to tone up without messing with your weight loss.. Something quick and effective like Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training maybe? It's good because it doesn't even require gym membership and it only takes about 20 minutes. You can have this mini sessions the days you're not running!

    (can't find how to subscribe to your blog btw.. am I having a blonde moment? image)

  • How's everyone doing?  Parkrun for me on Saturday and then just under 4 miles yesterday.  Battery arrived for bathroom scales and I've more to lose than I thought.  Must admit though that the takeaway on Friday and the crumpets over the weekend weren't a good idea.  21lbs for me to lose nowimage
  • I lost another 3½lb's last week, therefore nearly at a stone over 3-4 weeks! Is it normal for people to look at new running shoes and feel EXCITED whilst drooling over the keyboard???? lol

    I have 10 days off work from next Thursday night, therefore I will start some early morning walks and, depending on how I feel, throw in some jogging! image
  • Well done S2F that's great going.  Even better that you feel confident enough to get out there and throw some walking/jogging into the mix hopefully that'll help even more!image
  • S2F? I'll let you call me Jon if you like? lol image

    I know it sounds daft but I am getting quite excited at the prospect of being able to run by the end of the year! Back to the good old days...

    I've used this before, The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan at
    I know it works for me!
  • OK Jon it is then.  Something strange with that link - I clicked on it and it gave me the option to edit your message lol!

    Hill session for me last night and ended up 0.8 miles over plan already.  Rest for me today then out again tomorrow.

    Cous cous and salad for lunch today - yum!image

  • Well it's nearly the end of my first four weeks and I've lost over a stone in weight. 'Official Weigh-In' tomorrow so we'll weight and see...

    I've given it a little rest for the last few days, but still stuck to the eating plan. Feeling good. Felling HAPPY!

    Thanks for your support image
  • Glad to hear things are going well - just back from a 4 mile run - should have only run 3.5 miles but it's beautiful out there this morningimage
  • It was fantastic this morning as I came over the Lincolnshire Wolds, bright warm sunshine! Unfortunately I was driving... lol

    4 weeks gone and 1 stone 2¾lb's lost! Whoop whoop...
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    have just been reading your thread here-sounded interesting ,and im nosey!...have you entered any events/runs yet ? thats always good motivation and keeps you at it.image sounds as if you are doing very well though so far-well done.
  • Hi 'loulabell'

    Basically I used to run, over 5 years ago... since then I've piled on the weight. Therefore I'm concentrating on getting down to a decent weight in order that I can hit the 'trail' once again...

    If you take a look at my BLOG you'll see what I mean

    I fully expect to enter some races after I've got back into it, but in the meantime the 'weightloss' targets are keeping me 'WELL' motivated image)))

    Thanks for the reply... every reply is MOTIVATIONAL. It shows people are listening and care.
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    will take a look at blog, and yes, everyone on here is pretty helpful regardless of where they are in their stages of runningimage....

  • Morning all!  Jon have you considered parkrun?  Is there one near you?  Runners of all abilities including walk/run - might be another good benchmark for you?

    -2lbs for me this week and am happy as I've not been following my eating plan 100% - well it would be rude to on Mothers' Day wouldn't it!image

    Hope everyone's well

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