what is it?? Groin pull?


I would appreciate any advice on my injury! Two weeks ago on my long run (18miles) I got a pain in my groin that went down the back of my leg and became increasingly painful as the run progressed. I'm a lady btw in case that makes any difference!!! Was prev doing 5 runs a week as part of mara training but have scaled right back and am now unable to run at all!

I got home without too much worry but my hip ached for the rest of the day (even with ice and rest). The pain wore off fairly swiftly and so i ventured out last week for a 6 mile steady run. As soon as I set off the pain in my groing started again and shot down the back of my leg to my knee. I stopped immediately but ended up limping immediately and the next day. It feels like a pulled muscle which causes an ache in my hip but has affected my walking now and I am unable to walk without pain even when I'm taking brufen and resting. It has woken me up at night on a couple of occasions too.

I'm scared to run now (was marathon training!) but have been ok to swim (although it hurts afterwards).

Does anyone have any advice on how to make it better not worse? Should i see a sports therapist. I've had loads of little injuries in the past that have just gone away on their own (muslce pull, knee pain etc) but this seems a bit different!

Thank you


  • oh no 33 views and no one knows!
  • we can't diagnose by forum and I suspect it could be one of a number of things (either muscle, tendon, or nerve) so go see a physio and get correct advice
  • ok will do! Just didn't know if anyone had had something similar and might be able to advise.
  • The exact same thing has happened with me in my marathon training. Mine happened 3 weeks Sunday coming and being eager I ran on it the Thursday after (2 weeks today) which just made it a whole lot worse. Still can't run 100 metres without feeling it niggle. I have seen a pyhsio twice where he just gave me some tips after prodding me alot. I am very feared of it being Gilmores groin, but getting a diagnoses will be tricky and take along time. Sorry to be so negative, but you know how it can get to you not being able to run. All you can do I guess like already mentioned is get to a pyhsio.

  • Hi Peter

    I have had a chat with the club coach and am seeing a physio after work tonight! Will post what advice I get!! I still am unable to run although walking is not painful now so thats progress!!

  • Hi Franners.

    Yeah let me know anyhow. Any progress is good even if it's slow. I've had a good day today, I've been stetching without pain and been able to run a few times (only 20metres a time like) without pain. So think I will give a very slow 2 miles ago tomorrow morning.

    Speak again soon.

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