Keeping Weight On...

I eat a lot (i think i do anyway), and am now logging 90mile weeks.

I've been happy at about 11 n half stone, but my weight is still dropping slightly during the high mileage weeks. Anyone got any advice of what to eat as not only good energy food for fuelling but also to keep the lbs on without the intake of too much suturated fat...

Does anyone else have this problem?

I also have a recovery shake after hard and long run sessions as well as a good meal after that then.

I don't wanna become a skinny racing snake image


  • Try adding milk powder to your recovery shake for added calories, calcium and protein. Also eat more energy dense food as snacks such as nuts, avocado and nut butters. These have helped me maintain and increase my weight.
  • As above, you need to either eat more or eat foods that have greater energy density.

    Could you add more to your diet? You don't have to get calories from foods high in fat or simple sugars, and ideally the increase in calories would come from either carbs or protein, both of which can benefit performance.

    Adding milk powder is a standard recommendation for increasing the energy density of drinks - add 4 tbsp of milk powder per pint of milk and use that as you would normal milk, in tea/coffee/cereal etc. Just make sure it's well mixed image

    Just drinking milk can be useful - when advising on weight loss I'd say don't drink calories, but the reverse is true for someone looking to increase/maintain weight when losing. Sugary drinks aren't ideal (dental health!), but milk is nutritious. So if you can just have a few drinks of milk a day then that should help.

    Maybe if you tell us what you eat already we can make more suggestions? image

  • I agree with what Sarah says

    Milk is your friend in this case, especially as you also need to take care of your bones. People will even deliver it to your door for you to ensure you have a constant fresh supply

  • Sound milky advice, cheers guys!

    Yeah trying to avoid too much Sat Fat in my diet, but would like to increase my calories intake a bit. I think peanut butter maybe a good route too then.

    A typical day would be...

    Breakfast: Cereal+Milk or Pancakes/Waffles with syrup or 2eggs on toast or Jam on toast.

    In between: A yogurt. Then raisins or nuts or grapes or pineapple or banana

    Lunch: 2 rolls with cooked meat and salad or pasta or soup n bread plus choc bar

    In between: Raisins or nuts or grapes or pineapple or banana

    Evening: Recovery shake after session. Something with pasta or rice and chicken or beef, chili / curry / bolognese / meatballs. Vegetables etc etc. Usually a bit of ice cream n choc sauce too.

  • You don't seem to be eating that much to be honest for someone on that mileage

    Try the odd pint of stout as well

  • Slimfast shakes (230 cals each) would add to calorie intake, without adding much fat.  They have vitamins too.

    I use them as recovery drinks, you could use them as snacks. 

    The Cafe Latte one is rather nice image

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't have said you're eating a huge amount for your weight and mileage.  I'm 5'2" and just under 7.5 stone.  To fuel 60-70mpw I eat:
    Pre-run: banana
    Breakfast: 1-2 pieces of toast + c. 100g cereal + whole milk
    Snack: piece of fruit or couple of biscuits, etc.*
    Lunch: sandwich, chocolate bar or piece or cake, crisps, piece of fruit
    Snack: piece of fruit or couple of biscuits, etc.*
    Dinner: c. 100-125g of rice/pasta + sauce + vegetarian protein source (lentils/tofu/cheese/eggs, etc.).  Generally some sort of pudding or possibly just fruit/yoghurt.

    Usually a fair few cups of tea made with whole milk during the day as well.  Plus 1-2 sugars if feeling sluggish.  I know it's not the right way to deal with feeling tired, but it's a good short-term fix!

    * I don't always get to have a snack because I'm a lawyer and judges aren't very accommodating about allowing regular snack breaks during the court day...

  • You've got a reasonable volume of food, but there's definite room for improvement.
    For a start, jam on toast (whilst yummy) isn't particularly nutritious and isn't that energy dense. The eggs are a much better idea - good quality protein! How about peanut butter instead/in addition to the jam? Or having an extra piece of toast?
    The mid-morning snack sounds nice and healthy, always including a handful of nuts would be a good idea.
    Lunch time - what sort of soup do you have? Some are quite salty, and some are quite low in energy. If it's shop bought, have a look at the labels and choose one higher in energy and/or protein if you can. Creamy soups will obviously give more calories, but be mindful of the fat content, although in all honesty your diet seems low in fat, so including a little more probably wouldn't do much harm!
  • Cheers again guys some quality advice.

    I obviously left out the naughty stuff from the above diet, obviously the occasional vodka or beer, takeaway or pizza creep in there now n again, but generally it's not too high in fat.

    Also gels and/or energy bars during runs.

    Def like the idea of subbing in some peanut butter for extra protein, would this be better as a post run snack tho? And i'll obviously sign up for the stout image

    Soup is usually shop bought but try and pick one thats again hi in protein n carb, this is particular fav at the moment, it's awesome...

    I'll keep n eye on the weight n see what happens.

  • I find a couple of oatcakes with peanut butter on before I go out for an evening run seem to give me quite a boost of energy.

    And are very tasty image

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