Monday session (23/9/2002)

Haven't been on the forum this weekend as a little hectic - so a quick wrap up:

1. Saturday: Decided to race as had not run since Thursday morning (felt like a bit of a taper) glad I did as ran a new PB for 10k of 39:01 - which was nice (see report in events).
2. Sunday: Legs feeling very stiff after race, but wanted a reasonable run so did an off-road "walk-about" (my traditional run until you don't feel like it anymore) and ended up doing just under 2 hours.

Today: probably 30 minutes easy.
Why: relatively heavy weekend and now starting two-week marathon taper.
Last hard day: Saturday.
Last rest day: Friday.

Beginning my marathon taper today but feeling absolutely paranoid about catching a cold - everywhere I go there seem to be people with sniffles, am taking a multi-vit everyday to try and stay on top - but a hectic schedule at work means I can't avoid coming into contact with about a million people over the next two weeks!


  • Good luck Martin - everyones got it here but mostly head colds.

    What 4 steady
    why - slow restart.
    last hard - Thursday
    last rest - Fri thru Sunday

    had a bit of a rest due to hard session wed and thurs followed by ten-pin bowling which made my left gluts ache and feel very tender. Got to get back at it today.
  • What - Rest day, leg still hurting from yesterday but feeling more positive

    Why- to let injury heal

    Shall go out tomorrow morning for easy run to see how leg is, starting to panic as GNR less than two weeks away.

    How many other forumites are doing the GNR this Year??
  • What : gym and running session already done and then again after work
    Whay : couldn't go out this morning as it was pitch black
    Last hard day: Yesterday's Capital City Challenge
    Last Rest day: Saturday
  • Still buzzing from yesterday. Day off today but might venture back on to the treadmill tommorrow morning if I can get up early.

    For those people interested in heart rates I don't know how this compares, but my average HR during my 1/2 was 178 which is 93.6% of theoretical max on age. Lowest I saw was 173 on easier bits and 185 at the end of a hill. Don't know how that compares with all the theory on how you're meant to run though.
  • Sorry Martin - forgot congrats on your PB! re colds: have you tried taking echinaceae (or however you spell it)? It'smeant to help ward off colds. Also vitamin C and zinc.
  • What: Nothing more strenuous than bashing the keyboard.
    Why: 10k PB yesterday, knee swollen.
    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Saturday
  • What: probably swimming today
    Why: had two rest days over the weekend because my knee is suffering badly from a pulled muscle, probably sustained during the Robin Hood half. I want to do something but my husband's face was a picture when I said I was thinking of going for a run. Also tired after being woken up by the earthquake last night. Anyone else feel it?
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: Friday
  • Morning all,

    Sounds like it was a busy period of PB setting this weekend. Congrats everyone...

    What: 6 miles easy
    Why: Easy run
    Days since last hard: Thursday
    Days since last rest: Yesterday - had a sore throat and could't be bothered

  • what: 30 mins v slow
    why: recovery run from yesterday's 10K race

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat

    The countdown to the third race in 3 weeks (Seaside 5K next Sun) begins here. Colds & bad throats are doing the rounds here also - Mrs S has an awful one at the moment - so I'm popping zinc/Vit Cs and echinacea on a regular basis right now.
  • Congrats on the pb Martin.

    Having felt awful for most of yesterday I didn't venture out at all.
    Woke up this morning,got half way through making breakfast and felt dizzy,nauseous and sweated worse than I do during 400m reps.So went back to bed.
    Slightly better now but I'll miss any training so that tomorrow I can hopefully do my last speed session before Windsor on Sunday.

    I'm off to events forum now to read how the racing went....
  • what: rest
    why : it's time for one again, begin taper for windsor (hopefully)
    last hard day : sat
    last rest day : thurs

    W/end update

    after wrecking a set of "sprinters muscles" on tuesday I kept off running weds/thurs. Friday: I tried a treadmill but had to stop after about 30 secs and put in 45mins on the elliptical trainer.

    Saturday: schedule called for 5 times 1 mile at 1/2M pace. Not convinced of ability to run I adopted the treadmill again. success - I could run. however, I'd failed to work out the correct pace in advance and set off at 13.1km/hr for the first two 1 mile intervals (this is 10k pace for me). I then redid the math on the run and realised I should be at 12.6km/h which I did for 1 mile before dropping to 12.1km/h for the last 2. I do find it annoying that we all still refer to pace in mins/mile, yet this treadmill kit is all metric! Still I was running again.

    Sunday: easy run required, read the tapering thread and decided to junk the 85 min steady run in my schedule and do 7-8 miles at easy level(9min/mile). I ran 3 laps of my usual circuit, felt the previous evenings intervals a bit but nevertheless I completed in the same time as 3 months previously but at a HR 14bpm lower - progress!?

    So an easy week ahead, try to avoid offspering who both declared colds this morning! dontcha just luv em.

    BTW congrats to all w/end racers.

  • What : Gym Session at lunch time
    Why : Need to get started on the winters strength programme

    It’s the clubs road race this weekend and I’m the race director – so most of my time will be used up in last minute preparation – I’ll be glad when it’s all over

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: am weights and 4 mile recovery run, pm 5/6 miles steady
    Why: easy day after yesterday's 10k
    last rest day: Saturday
    last hard day: yesterday
  • What: blood test
    Why: doc says either arthritis (slim chance) or sports injury to lower back (first time in my life I've wanted a sports injury)
    what else: slow 5-6 mile jog
  • I felt the earth tremor too, RR - but I only managed a half-awake state and assumed it was the cat trying to headbutt the bedroom door open. Didn't realise what had happened until I switched the radio on in the car on the way to work.

    Isn't running supposed to be FUN? What's all this obsessive avoiding of colds about? As Tim says, you can run with a cold - and flu season isn't upon us yet. If it's any consolation, I get virus-laden snot and worse on my hands several times a day in the course of work, my kids have all had their start-of-term viruses, I am a lifelong non-consumer of supplements and "herbal" products in bottles, and I rarely get colds (last one was in June and the previous one was 12 months before) and have never had anything that could be called flu.

    Fingers firmly crossed and placed on a wooden desk now.
    What: I'd like to fit in a swim and a short recovery run.
    Why: Cleared paperwork last night, workload today looks manageable, might be able to sneak off for an hour this afternoon, and I've got an awkward hour or so between the end of the day job and a moonlighting session that's just begging to be filled.
    Last hard day: Yesterday. Another entry in the PB book.
    Last rest day: Friday.
  • What: not entirely sure, will have to look at my schedule, but probably something easy like a swim, or 30 min run
    Why: long run yesterday, feature to write up today/tonight (big time procrastination today, will probably end up staying up until 2am!)
    Last hard: yesterday was hardish
    Last easy: Saturday
  • what: dog walk on local field - avoiding park so dog can't get into trouble because I'm not capable fo running after him
    why: he needs a walk and I need fresh air
    last rest: Sunday
    last hard: Saturday
  • What: Nothing
    Why: I'm knackered after yesterdays relentlessly hilly 14 miler and besides I always take Monday off.
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Today
  • What: Desperately tring to avoid doing work
    Why: Knacked after Sunday's 3:15 long run
    Last hard run: YESTERDAY!!!
    Last rest day: Thursday
  • well I managed the dog walk - although what would normally take 20 mins took an hour! But at least doggie was good and didn't get muddy and also I got some exercise and fresh air. I even had that "legs feel like jelly" feeling when I got back - you wouldn't have thought I ran 5Km last Tuesday - but at least I can still move eh :)
  • Cath you've just shamed me into going to the gym tonight, I wasn't going because I'm knackered after the weekend, but that was just an excuse, if you can take the dog out feeling like you do, I'll go do weights.
  • What: Rest
    Why: 10k race yesterday (I did crap, I was dehydrated and it was very hilly, which is a pet hate of mine). And I feel like I'm getting a cold, and my stomach feels a bit dodgy,.... excuses, excuses, but all true.

    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Saturday
  • Cath, well done. And Caz, you don't need excuses to rest on the day after a race.

    I've been good so far - set out to do a slow 5-mile recovery run and did just that without adding any extra loops. It really did feel like a recovery run rather than a training run, though - my legs didn't fancy stepping up the pace one bit. Shin splints absent in running shoes but reappear in "proper" shoes...might have to start wearing trainers to work. I could always pop on a burqa so nobody would see, and get extra points for being sensitive to the local culture.

    Might still swim tonight if time permits.
  • 30 mins hill work on treadmill with the beast presiding. 3000M rowing and soem free weights. enough.
  • 3 miles easy am
    4 miles easy pm

    Why? - trying to cut down mileage for 2 weeks after Nottingham Marathon!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Evening all.

    What: did 1 hr circuit session consisting of short fast shuttle runs across a football field. These were followed by squats, burpees (sp), star jumps, crunches & press-ups. Finished with a couple of laps of the footy field and jog back to the sports centre. I'm well and truely cream crackedred tonight!
    Why: normal Monday circuit session, just didn't realise we were going outside and concentrating on sprint drills!
    Last hard: tonight
    Last rest day: Sat.
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