I like to recommend online retailers to friends and family when i have had a positive experience. Wiggle, Sportshoes, Play, Alpkit, and WH Smiths, even Argos have all given me excellent service recently.

However, i am sick of the companies who take our money and then give us crap service.

BOURNESPORTS, despite their free delivery, are getting it in the neck from me. Having ordered some new Ron Hills on the 20th February, expecting delivery by the 29th at the latest, they are still not here. They didn't think i'd like to be contacted, or told the item wasn't even in stock. They said they'd overlooked me and hoped the item would be in stock by Monday 5th March (no email to inform me either way) and they're still not here.

This may seem a little over the top but if reading this means they lose one order thanks to their crap customer service then i'll be happy.

Rant over


  • If you type "Bourne Sports" into the search box you'll find quite a few threads along the same lines.
  • Yep, long history of bad service (not personal experience - I read enough horror stories to put me off ordering from them).
  • Had a similar experience with ProGear - I ordered some Under Armour compression tights - free deliver took around a week, but they had sent the wrong size. No contact numbers to be found so I used the customer service they said would ensure 'the quickest response' usually within 24 hours - nearly two weeks and 5 e-mails later, I have heard nothing.

    Not good and I won't be rushing back to them.
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