The Grizzly

Anyone else out there entered?
20 seriously hilly/muddy miles , great ultra training. This Sunday in Seaton.
Just seen there is a place offered on the events forum
. I am also in contact with someone (Rambo) acting as a clearing house for last minute withdrawls so if you want an entry or have one going spare let me know 07977006640 and I will pass the info on to Rambo.


  • I'm in.

    will be lots from my club (Lliswerry runners) doing it too image

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭
    I've got a place in the Cub Run up for grabs if anyone wants it image
  • What good fun. Tough race but so well organised and supported. Can't recommend it highly enough!

    The weather was awesome too.

    Now bricking it about how hard coastal trial is...

  • Less mud but tougher climbs. The weather is always awesome in the west country one way or another.
    What time did you do?
  • Less mud? I had to be pulled out of the bog by a man in wellies; i was upto my thighs in it and couldn't move... think i took the wrong path thro...

    Got round in 3:04 / 3:05 i think. My mate did it in 2:51 which i thought was amazing. How did you get on?

    The stairway to heaven was fun towrads the end...

  • 3:59 shame they did not let us have a stroll along Seaton beach just before the finish this year. That mud takes a whole year to mix to the correct consistency. Now thats what I call attention to detail by the organizers.
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