North Downs Run 30K - Love it!

SilkTorkSilkTork ✭✭✭

Includes t-shirt, free swim, and beer at one of the drink stations! And, of course, one of the most beautiful views on any course. Yes, I'm up for this again!



  • I'll probably do this as well. Sounds great.
  • Just signed up for this, my first time and first ever race longer then 10k!

     The furthest I have run is 22k a few times, hope I can make it image

  • You will enjoy this one, tough, but very rewarding
  • Im gonna sign up for the 3rd year running. This is a tough one but I've loved it each time. Im defo gonna concentrate more on hill training this year though, I suffered last year by not doing enough hills.
  • Booked to do it. My running buddy has done it , very hard he told me .......... might need to do some hill work
  • Nice one people, youre love it, it's gonna be a good un
  • Really looking forward to it : )
  • SilkTorkSilkTork ✭✭✭

    Just a month to go!


  • Looking forward to this. 16 miles done and dusted this morning in 2.58, have set myself a target of 3.45 for 3 weeks time. Hope it's not too hot as I struggled in the hot weather last week.

  • Nice one Gary, I've been running the course for the last 3 weeks, it's looking good for race day, 3 weeks and counting
  • Are the poppies out yet? Lots out around Gravesend cyclopark yesterday
  • Hi myjointshurt

    Not many poppies as yet, but can see a few scattered about

    I'm at the cyclopark on weds for a 10k race, I shall look out for them
  • Not long to go now!

    I am out at an all day party the day before so I hope I do okayimage

    Quick question.. I don't own trail shoes because when I run I do so on road or in parks on the paths/hills. Do I need to buy a pair of trail runners? I don't like heavy trainers so I am concerned they will 'weigh' me down (I run in Adidas Aidzero adios when racing and Mizuno, which are falling apart, Elixur for normal running).

    Can anyone advice please? image

  • So, those who have done it before, what's the surface like? Some road, obviously, but what's the rest like? Grass? Mud? Hardcore? Stony paths? Sandy?

  • Hi Debra

    All of the above, except sandy! You'll have fun in the mud at around 15k, very muddy with deep puddles at the moment and if this weather keeps up we may have to change the course!

  • Hi Susan

    If this weather keeps up, you definitely should invest in trails, I ran it 2 weeks ago in trails and was sliding about, but last week I did it in normal running trainers and it was ok
  • Question for you Fat Matt -

    I ran this many years ago struggled around in 2:14 I think it was - I seem to remember passing the 30K mark and having to run about a mile futher. 

    Legend had it at the time was that a Cambridge Harrier (George Meredith) ran round the ocurse and said something along the lines of - thats about 30K - Legend or Urban Myth?  image

  • Hi grendel3

    I wouldn't call 2:14 struggling round!

    I know the course has changed alot in recent years, I'm not aware of this story but I'll ask around some of the longer serving members of the club and see if there is any truth to that story
  • Just curious - I think I ran it in 91 - (and yes it was a struggle as my training partner ran about 1:56 for first vet - think Barry whats his name won it that year!!!!!) Just interested - the guy I trained with was a member of Cambridge and used to run with some of those guys then, and that is where the story came from.


  • Hi Grendal , since the venue changed to Cascades, the course has received 3~4 minor changes although and the distance has ranged from 29.8 to just a touch over 30K - (parts measured with a wheel , also GPS but due to trees and downs this was no so accurate. Last years course  (assume unchanged) had a small extra loop within Cascades and measured 30K at the point of the finish funnel .  Last year's Mens winner was a course record from Cascades>

    George Meridith  won the race a few times from Istead Rise but Barry Royden has  the most wins including once from Cascades . I never measured the old course but believe it was more or less 30K  and ran it several times with a PB of 2.12 - I think I also ran in 91 in the days when the course went up the incredibly steep Flower Hill Way at 28K . Never "raced" on the new course but would say the current course is a bit harder




  • Anybody have any thoughts on how I should taper for this? I've not been following a specific training plan but my last 4 LSR's have been 14, 12, 16 and 12 miles. I'm due to  do one more LSR on Sunday and am wondering how far to run and also what to do next week. (Edited for crap typing)

  • hope to do this one, loved the South Downs Marathon last Saturday and can't wait to get on the downs again!

    Must say the club have been really helpful as RW have closed the online entries but no panic race director has been brill!!image

  • Online entry has been reinstated : )
  • Havn't run this far before... and whats worse is i haven't trained at all!

    Going to give it a good go though and I'm aiming just to finish!

     WOOO HOOO !



  • Trail shoes or road - has anyone tried the course (or parts of it) recently?


  • Road shoes will be fine, unless in chucks it down at the weekend, it's muddy for a bit up on the downs, but that bit never drys out, I've been running parts of it for the last few weeks
  • The BBC forecast is saying light rain showers for Thursday and Friday and light rain for Saturday. Hopefully not too much to affect the course as I don't have trail shoes!

  • I am planning to come alone on the train and then probably ride to the Leisure Centre from the station - will there be somewhere to leave a bag at the Leisure Centre that is sort of secure (ish!) ?

  • Hi simon

    You will be able to leave your bag in the hall we are using as our HQ, it will be locked just before the race starts and opened again later
  • Gary, light rain is ok, as long as it doesn't hammer down, I ran it one Sunday when it was pouring down and struggled in trail shoes
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