Spen 20

Anyone running this on Sunday?

Any information regarding the course would be appreciated. I recently ran the Liversedge Half therefore have a pretty good idea. HILLS HILLS AND HILLS?!!


  • I'm doing it, this is the route.


    The good news is that you run down past Willow Valley Golf course twice (the long drag we ran up in liversedge) twice. Weather is looking perfect for running so should be a good day. I'd reccommend setting off steady as there is a longish uphill section between about miles 1 and 3.  

  • Cheers Adam! What time are you aiming or?
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    this is one of my yearly races and last year knocked 11 mins of 2010 getting 2h30 it goes past the golf course twice as stated then though Clifton over the M62 then follows the last 2 miles of the liversegde half which i also did then follows that route up Halifax rd then top of that hill at Windy hill turns left and loops round then up to 2nd lap not easy but a challange

    last year at the bottom of the hill of mile 19 there where kids trying to put the runners off
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    well getting closer now hope it is a fine day
  • Evening compo, thanks for the info! Cracking forecast for tomorrow, currently got an ice pack on the poorly shin!
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    I will be in a blue/white chester marathon 2010 t-shirt hoping to get under 2h30 but with this course will not be easy
  • How hilly?!?? I am knackered? Good run though, thankfully ran with a friend - 3:40 is a long time to be out there on your own! Anyone know when/where results will be up? I'm guessing UK Results,
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    what a hot day out there went non stop all the way in 2h32 dug in at those hills will be back next year for it

    just after the drinks stn the second time a few of us past a horse rider and the lady said she could not do what we where doing

    happy with my time given the conditions

    if we could rate this race would i do it again yes i would
  • Well done compo.  My race fell apart at 9 or 10 miles - a pain in my right thigh that had me running awkwardly and just wanting to get round.  A bit of a worry, because I felt great before then.  I can see why you love the race though.  Will I be back... I guess so.
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    what time did you get

    will be back there for the spen greenway 10k and hopefully the Miltea 10k if held again

    i saw one runner pull out just after 9 miles and quite a few walking just after mile 12 up that hill
  • About 2:55 (1:22 first half; 1:33 second)

  • 2:42 for me, was  feeling good till about 15.5 then my rookieness showed! Really died away towards the end but will hopefully stand me in strong stead for the Paris M!
  • Still no race results!
  • all ready in training for next years spen 20    done the greenway 10k there today in 43 mins

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