what have you eaten today?

Just wanted some recommendations , hints n tips ....

Breaky - 3 weetabix, banana, cuppa tea

snack - rice pudding (a whole tin)

lunch - pasta n lamb stew thing , 2 boiled eggs

tea - more lamb stew n rice

snack rice pudding (another whole tin)


  • need more fruit and veg , too much pasta and rice unless you are training very large volume

  • Breaky - Uncooked porridge with milk

    Ride to work

    Morning - Two slices of toast, stingy quantity of butter, marmalade

    Lunch - Packet of crisps.

    Mid afternoon - boiled egg.

    Ride home

    Post ride home - toast with lots of butter, tea with some sugar


    Evening meal Chicken with caulliflower rice, tomatoes, choritizo and an egg.
    Probably another packet of crisps.

    Not holding this up as a recommendation though image
  • Merlie - although I don't know what was in the stew, it looks like a lot of carbs, not much fruit and veg and not a lot of fluid.
    What distances are you doing? A good nutrition plan needs to be targeted to the training load and goals.
    More details please image
  • The tins may be hard to digest
  • breakfast porridge and slice of toast

    lunch, banana and yogurt

    evening meal, salad with couscous, potato and chicken,

    kiwi fruit and yogurt

  • There's normally at least 2 bananas in there and an apple - supermarket trip done now.
    There was some veg in the stew - but not the biggest fan of veg...
    The water goes without saying .... I sip it all day.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Breakfast: Bowl of porridge

    Lunch (after run): Poached salmon and salad sandwich

    All afternoon: two apples, orange, satsuma, banana, fruit and nuts

    Evening: Rice/turkey/veg stir fry. Two cans of fosters (tsk tsk).

    Late snack: pretzels, satsuma, apple....and maybe something else a bit later...!

     Plus, lots of water and tea all day, and one coffee.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    hot wheetabix and toast

    then tonight pasta as on sunday I am doing the spenbrough 20 mile road race in west Yorkshire
  • Breakfast: Black coffee & a Toasted bagel - one half with cheese and cucumber and the other with jam

    Cycle to work

    Morning: Yoghurt and a small smoothie

    Lunch: TomatoPasta salad with bacon & greens + a mandarin

    Naughty treat: cup of tea and a slice of victorian sponge

    Tea: Jacket spud with cheese and beans

    Naugty evening treat: home baked cinnamon bun

    I know I know. Too many treats... but it's international womens day! It's my "rest day" and I did 11 mile run last night.
  • Rest day.

    Huge mango
    innocent smoothie
    wholegrain spaghetti with tomato paste, sardines, seaweed and kale.
    3 brazil nuts.

    Sardines are horrible. Never again.
  • 2 slices of Simnel cake

    2 measures of Jamesons whiskey

    2 pints of Symonds cider.

    1 clementine

    2 oranges

    6 sausages

    6 pitta breads

    with humus

    3 cups of tea (i think)

    Some nuts of various types

    I had a day off so got up late ran 6 miles @ 7:20 pace so no need for vast amounts of food.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner got rolled into one huge alcohol cake ball.

    Im still up at 1:30 am because alcohol does that to me.

    How do people drink regulary and still get sh*t done?

    Christ I can manage it once a week maximum.

  • day off

    bacon scrambled eggs toast - made by my 11 yr old son!


    cheese n biscuits


    home made banana cake n custard

    plenty of water all day

    7 or 10 miler in the morning
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Oh, can we just make this the ''I'm having a day off because it's Sunday and I deserve it and this is what I've had today'' thread then?  image

    Chocolate porridge w/ brown sugar
    2 x apples
    half home-made pork pie w/ ketchup and mustard
    roast topside beef w/ Yorkshire, spuds, kale, cauliflower cheese, carrots, peas, mustard, horseradish, gravy
    sticky toffee pudding w/ ice cream
    2 pints Bobby on the Wheat IPA
    1 x Chimay Premiere
    Twix Extra
    spaghetti w/ sardines, mushrooms and garlic
    2 x glasses Valdemadera Gran Reserva
    Rachel's cherry yoghurt
    3 x cups of coffee
    2 x cups of tea
    [edit] M&S Belgian chocolate flapjack  image

    Back on it tomorrow!

  • Porridge with banana and honey

    Tuna Salad

    Fromage Frais

    Vegetable Stew (Welsh Cawl)

    Bounty Bar

    Wholegrain Crisps

  • @PhilPub - i like the sound of your Sundays off !

    @ Running Kev ... what did you have after brunch ?
  • 3 weatabix
    2 boiled eggs
    cuppa tea

    beanz on toast
    slice of banana cake
    cuppa tea

    cheese n buscuits

    keema curry
    mint ice cream n peaches

    day off tomorra

  • Breaky - 2 weetabix, 1 banana

    Protein shake after workout

    Lunch-Cottage cheese, 1 apple, 1 pear

    Dinner-2 jacket potatoes, huge pile of salad with a little bit of cheese

    I only drink water too, had about 3 litres today! image

  • 2 weetabix



    2 x seeded tuna salad rolls

    2 tangerines

    Large bowl chicken pasta bake (wholegrain pasta)

    Fromage frais

  • Breakfast - muesli, semi-skimmed milk
    Snack - walnuts, tangerine
    Dinner - tuna mayo sweetcorn sandwich on wholemeal bread, banana
    Snack - granola bar, tangerine
    Tea - salad of mozarella balls, tomato, red peppers, lettuce, with a wholemeal bap
  • How do you lot survive on that? Let alone run for miles and miles too? I don't get it. I'll never be one of you lithe and lovely marathon runners. I'll have had about 1500 cals today but ONLY cos I'm not training this week (ITB niggle) and I don't want to lard out while I'm resting. I'm a 40 yr old female, 9 stone. On a running day there'd be hundreds more carb & protein cals in there (porridge, mackerel, chicken, jacket pots) and possibly something resembling an iced bun.... but here's a typical day from my resting week intake:

    8am - 2 Weetabix w skimmed milk, 1 slice soya & linseed toast, low fat olive spread, redbush tea

    10am - Banana & Skinny latte (no cake on rest days, sob)

    1pm - Half tin Tomato & Basil soup with 100g butter beans, 2 slices w/meal bread with beef spread

    5pm - Bowl of carrots, broccoli & peas with HP sauce (yes weird I know...)

    8pm - Strawberry yoghurt, melon & blueberries, digestive biscuit & redbush tea





  • Breakfast - porridge with maple syrup and banana, tea

    Snack - 0% fat greek yoghurt

    Lunch - HUGE salad with lime juice as dressing, couple of tablespoons of 3 bean salad mix, grilled chicken breast or grilled beef pieces or tin of tuna

    Mid afternoon snack - fruit and yoghurt

    Getting home from work snack - cup of tea and 2 slices of toast

    OR post gym/run snack - protein shake and a couple of slices of Soreen malt loaf

    Dinner - Similar to lunch, but substitute the 3 bean salad for couscous, rice, pasta or potato

    Pudding - sugar-free jelly with fruit, more yoghurt

    I drink at least 3 pints of water a day and probably have 5 or 6 cups of tea (builders and herbal). Sometimes I'll have a packet of crisps or slice of cake, but typical daily diet is the above.

    If I'm planning to do a long run after work, I might have some couscous with my lunch but don't usually need it. Pre-long run breakfasts tend to be big bowl of porridge and maybe a couple of slices of toast depending on distance.

  • Today so far:

    Pre-breakfast - One chocolate digestive

    Breakfast - BIG bowl of mixed cereals & semi-skimmed milk

    Morning break - Mars bar (well they did used to sponsor the London marathon)

    Lunch - smallish portion of vegetarian thai red curry & rice, orange & banana.

    Dunno what tea is going to be.

  • Make it a tub of Flora since they also used to sponsor the London marathon... 

    Now Virgin are behind it. Dread to think what that means for your supper...image 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    RosRunner wrote (see)

    Now Virgin are behind it. Dread to think what that means for your supper...image 

    Olive oil?  It's a lot healthier than marge!

  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    Yesterday was:

    Breakfast - Large bowl of porridge & reduced sugar jam (for taste)

    Snacks (AM) - 1x bio-yoghurt, banana, apple, 2x Oranges

    Lunch - Turkey & Stilton wholemeal bagel & 1x boiled egg

    Snacks (PM) - 1x bio-yoghurt, banana, apple, 1xOrange, 1x cereal bar

    Dinner - Chicken, pasta, brocolli, cauli, asparagus & french beans with sauce

    Snack (Evening) - 2 x sqaures of dark chocolate.

    Plus at least 2 litres of fluid (usually closer to 3 litres).

  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭


    Breakfast- shredded wheat with skimmed milk and berries

    Mid-morning- an apple

    Lunch- couscous salad or ryita with ham and huge salad or humus, pitta, salad

    Mid afternoon- couple of pieces of fruit, e.g. another apple, satsuma, plum; 

    Getting in from work- a couple of crackers and some raw carrots and / or celery

    Tea- Pasta with veg or chili or stir fry or spaghetti bolognese

    Evening snack- raw carrots / celery, packet of snack a jacks


    Lots of tea and water to drink

  • OMG- no wonder I am a big fat bloater! I'm 55, 5ft 2 and generally a size 8 sometimes 6 .

    I put meals out for myself, my 6ft 3 husband and 6ft 5 son and they ask which is theirs..... So it won't surprise you to hear:

    6:30 porridge, honey and 2 enormous cups of tea.

    9 mile run, followed by carton of apple juice.

    Return home, 2 slices whole meal bread with apricot jam (no butter) and another cuppa.

    Housework, washing, etc then at 1:30 sausage, mash, carrots, kale. Apple.

    Continued housework, craving sweet things, so handful raisins and cup of drinking chocolate. Sipped on water bottle, reluctantly.

    5:30 Spin class, gym, bottle of water, bought bottle of wine on way home( one of my 5 a day) nibbled on 2 frankfurters as OH still in gym. Salad, ham, coleslaw etc for dinner. Will see off at least half the bottle of wine..p

    No wonder my rear is bigger than Belgium when I see what everyone else eats!!!
  • Oh, and 2 Ryvitas (other crisp breads are available) peanut butter and jam....last one to 16 stone's a sissy.
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