Cheaper alternative to Brooks Glycerin 9?

I have been training for the London Marathon in Brooks Glycerin 9s which were recommended to me when I had my gait analysis done and they are great shoes. However, I am already on my second pair this year and, of course, they are quite an expensive shoe. Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative as I really can't afford to buy  a new pair of Glycerin's every 2 months? If I could get a second pair of shoes that are around £40, perhaps, I could alternate these with my Glycerins.



  • Can anyone help?

  • sweatshop do 'buy one get second pair for £25' now but are you sure you need to buy them so frequently? Are you doing 500 miles in 2 months? Than't the average mileage I think expected from running shoes
  • I had done 320 miles in them since January and I weigh nearly 16 stone (!) - started to get pains in my knees and calfs suddenly so I suspect the shoes are past their best!
  • If you've found a shoe that works for you then if you can, stick with them. It may be a false economy to save a relatively small amount of money (probably works out about £5 a week) and cause yourself issues. I've spent a fortune on running shoes and now that I've found one that works for me (Mizuno Creation) I won't be changing, even though I find them expensive and not that long lasting (I weigh about the same as you).

    If you really do want something cheaper, then your best bet is to maybe go for the Glycerin 8 (likely to be discounted if still available), or something cheaper in the Brooks line for a similar fit/feel - maybe the Ghost ?

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