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  • The having to go back 10 pages bug still isn't fixed properly either. Not so Immediate Media.

  • I'm glad that you said that LN - i've been thinking that it was me...

  • They really lost my vote when they tried to blame the mass spamming attack on the time that people didn't have to have a verified user ID to post. That was utter bollox.


  • To be honest  - they are not appearing too professional by not answering posts on here or resolving the issue.

  • That bit is IM and RW.

  • Dear Dominique,

    The email alerts are not working again. can you please let us know when it'll be resolved?

  • I really am wondering why we bother asking......

    No answer and no resolution......most of us would get the sack if we tried that on.....

  • Can we please have a tab on the Competitions Page that shows us the Winners of current and previous competitions.

    We never get to see who's won what on this forum unless it's the 30 day giveaway, and even then it's sporadic.

  • Can we please have an answer about the email notifications?

  • Hi Gazmanneister,

    We now put a blog up announcing competition winners. Here are the last few blogs:

    We'll be announcing the recent GU and Guess2Give winners shortly.

    We have changed our competition pages slightly, so we can't announce winners in the old way, but we can look into new ways if you would prefer this. 



  • Hi all,

    I've just heard back from our tech team. 

    This morning, our developer fixed the email-notification service. Now the email notifications are being sent again - I've received a fair few myself.

    Do let me know if you're still not receiving them.


  • The notifications may be working but the PM system isn't - I've tried to send a message to someone today and each time I tried, only part of it went through - each time I tried, successively less message was sent.

  • Hi Jeepers,

    Sorry about this. I'll report it to the tech team now. What are you on? A Mac, PC, iPad etc? Which browser are you using?


  • Hi Dominique - do you have any update on the other changes that your tech team were working on? Are they all done?

  • Hi Emmy_Bug,

    We have an update on a few other issues:

    We have been told that quoting works except on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android. This is because the formatting bar (which includes the button to paste quotes) are not available for mobile devices yet. We'll need to have another forum update to improve forum functionality for mobile devices, and we'll keep you posted on this. 

    Our developers say they are aware of the 'going back 10 pages' bug and they are hoping to fix this soon.  


  • Hi feel the fear, do it anyway,

    Our tech team have reported that they couldn't generate the 'Not being directed automatically to the last page when they receive a notification' bug. Are you still having this problem or are other users experiencing this?  

    If so, can you let me know the browser you using and on a Mac/ PC/ smart phone etc?


  • Dominique - it seems to me to be that when the page hits a hundred e.g.clocks over to  201-220  that you get directed to the page before i.e. 181 - 200 (at twenty per page)

  • Hi XFR Bear,

    I have passed your feedback on and the tech team are having the same problem, so they will investigate this now.


  • Hi Gazmanmeister,

    Here's the blog for the GU Energy competition winners:


  • Thanks, I never knew that image

  • Hi all,

    Our tech team have been in touch to say the third party filter should be in place (fingers crossed!) in the next fortnight.

    I'll let you know if there are any further delays.


  • Can we have a post like thingy like Facebook maybe thats what Karma points are???

    KK perhaps you need "calmer" points

  • the cut and paste has gone again this time it will let you paste the post but when you submit it it just disappears

  • Sorry, can't be bothered reading back through the thread so this may have been mentioned (would be amazed if it hadn't),  but the wors tthin by far about the forum, and has been for at least 10 years, is the inability to do useful searches.

    Why is it so hard to do what pretty much every other forum in the universe can do? I can sort by "relevance", yes, but the sorting is all over the place, so that you often get posts from 2004 or 2005 at the top of the list when you search for (say) a race.

    I want to be able to eliminate threads started more than x time ago. I want to be able to include only threads with more than x number of posts. I want to be able to specify forum rather than editorial content. Started by user x perhaps. And so on.

    This forum is a potentially fantastic resource but it's nigh on impossible to find what I want. Result? Massive, massive duplication of information

    I think I first complained about this around 8 or 9 years ago!!!  It has never in that time been improved. Please. Sort it out. Thank you.


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