Best Android Running App.?

I've tried mapmyrun but the live tracking feature on the full site has never worked also the elevation doesn't seem to be very accurate most of the time.

I've tried CardioTrainer but people can't see my maps when they follow the links.

Can anyone point me on the direction of a reliable Android app. that does exactly what it Isays on the tin?


  • Runkeeper is pretty decent, not sure about the elevation feature but is free and has some useful features. Basically the same a nike + but free and not a nike branded product if that kind of thing bothers you (not that it bothers me at all, I guess nike are the microsoft of the running world)

  • I use Runmeter and find it very simply to use and it does give elevations, good mapping. I use the "run intervals" activity not only for run intervals but for races too so I get to told whether to increase or decrease my pace. Gives all the info you want to look at afterwards......length of time and distance at all paces, zones, elevations, syncs with your calendar and can pull off usual reports of mileage etc over week/month/year etc etc. Very easy to personalise how you want the announcements to come through to whilst running (if at all) and links to all social websites very easily too
  • its a toss up between Runkeeper and Endomondo - i use both depending on the mood/usage/training

    Runkeeper is more accurate re: mileage but sometimes the gps doesnt want to work, so i switch to  endomondo and the gps is always fine. However Endomondo is less accurate with mileage, you find you are not quite running as far as it says, but its not far out. 

    endomondo has live tracking so people can follow you on the website, you have to buy the pro version of runkeeper to do this at about £20 a year. 

    with the free runkeeper you can  enter workouts, intervals, and get coaching, endomondo doesnt do this. 

    runkeeper is easier to plot routes on that you can save as your own routes (eg if you do parkrun), plus easier to enter a run afterwards on the website if you have forgotten your phone.

    with both you can export runs from the website and enter on the other if you want to use both and keep track on both. 

    hope all that made sense!

  • Think I'm just going to have to try all the free ones then buy the upgraded version of the one I like best.

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  • SmartRunner isn't bad. Basic, but does the job (distance, pace, max speed, elevation).

    Not sure it does intervals though.

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  • I use,and like, RunKeeper. Used mapMyRun for a while but the audio feedback didn't work half the time and the site really doesn't work with your measurements properly. It would regularly update my profile so I was 18kg and the calorie count on a 1hr run would be less than 50! It has the same problems with waist size, flicks between cm and inches whilst keeping the number the same.

    RunKeeper I've only had one issue with and that's when it didn't pick up a GPS signal but that could have just been my phone playing up
  • +1 for endomondo does the job,but as previously said mileage can b abit suspect.
  • I like sportstracker is a good one. I used to have this ony old nokia symbian. Tried endomodo and didnt like it so much.
  • i use endomondo....does what i need it to do.

  • What about strava? They do a run and ride versions. Anyone tried?

    Mapmyrun app has similar apps from the same developers for hiking, walking, dog-walking, cycling too. Any good?

    Just want a reliable app to record speed and distance, nothing fancy.
  • Yeah I am a big fan of Strava.

    Integrates with my garmin and is so much better at giving you PB and the most fun finding other peoples routes and seeing how you fair.

    Defo recommend for a garmin user, not used the phone app though. Mate of mine moved from run keeper to strava so must be good as I realy rated RK. 

  • If you have an Android tablet, and a Garmin, check out Sporttablet on Google Play

    You can download directly to tablet(I have a Asus Transformer and a Garmin 305) and then upload to wherever

  • I just google's my tracks and upload the details to google drive, it sticks it all into a spreadsheet for you, It creates spreadsheet for each activity that you do as well plus you can upload the maps as well. 

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