Size bigger in running shoe??

I was fitted today for new running trainers and I was advised to get a size 7 when I usually wear a size 6, is this normal? I'm doing a half marathon at the end of this month and a marathon October time so lots of mileage and road running.

So, shall I get a size bigger?


  • I find trainers seem to come up small though it depends on the Brand and type.

    I usually take a 7 in normal shoes but for running shoes I take an 8.5 in Asics, in Nike either an 8 or an 8.5 and when I recently bought a pair of Adiddas Kanadia had to get a 9!!! 

  • Yes it is normal to be advised and wear a size larger, the reason for this is because as you run your feet swell and if your shoes are too tight you can obtain any amount of problems ranging from blood blisters through to biomechanically borne injuries because your landing funny as your feet are in a cramped position.

    You may not even notice the swelling as it doesn't come on in a flash it comes on slowly and your feet feel just the same but done repeatedly over time can bring on many problems.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    J Lav wrote (see)

    I usually take a 7 in normal shoes but for running shoes I take an 8.5 in Asics ...

    I'm the same - Asics a size and a half bigger than ordinary shoes.

    If your running shoes are too short, you will end up with black toenails.

  • Thanks everyone, I have ordered my new pair a size bigger, I certainly don't want black toe nails image !
  • depends on the make.but asics i use 1.5 to 2 sizes bigger.....image

    still have managed to lose a couple of toenails though
  • I go half a size up in training shoes but not racing shoes. It depends on the shoe model and the foot shape though, you need to try before you buy for the first time! image
  • I go up 1 size for training shoes and 1.5 sizes for long distance shoes (over 13 miles)
  • I'm a 6.5 in normal shoes, sometimes a 7 in high heels and other fashion type shoes, and until last month I've always worn a 6.5 Asics Cumulus. I moved up to a 7 to accommodate the toe socks I now wear on every run, but they still feel weirdly big to me...

    The guy in the shop I bought them from (who was a real fitting expert) couldn't believe I was running happily in 6.5s, said they were way too small for me and were pinching my feet every which way, and tried to persuade me to go for a 7.5, which I did try, but which just felt like oversized clown shoes.

    I've been running for nearly 10 years, have done a bunch of marathons in my 6.5s, and have never once had a black toenail. I haven't had any blisters on my toes for the last four years, even at the end of marathons. I do get the occasional blister on my instep, but nowhere else.

    I'm not trying to say that everybody else is wrong, just that the standard advice won't always suit everybody. I prefer running in reasonably tight shoes and it doesn't cause me any injuries.

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