Ealing Half Marathon

This looks interesting. There aren't many half marathons centrally in London. Will the start be staggered?


  • We're hoping to get all runners away as quickly as possible in a single wave.

    The start zone will be a wide road on the edge of Lammas Park and should give plenty of room for runners to start safely at their own pace.

    We've had great support so far and we're looking forward to fabulous debut event.

  • My delight at a half marathon on my front doorstep was tempered by disappointment at the price, even with early bird £5 discounted entry (6 months early, to be precise, because I've missed that deadline and it's only April!).

    It is at least £10 more expensive than most town half marathons and for £32-34 I thought there must be at least a t-shirt thrown in, but it doesn't seem to include anything to justify the cost. Sorry to sound so negative because I'd like to enter, but it would be nice to know why it is so expensive, why the early bird deadline was so early and what the entry fee is going towards.

  • Thanks for your interest in the1st Ealing Half Marathon.

    The course that we've planned includes road closures throughout the route to allow an enjoyable and safe experience for all participants.  Unfortunately for a London event, the traffic management costs are far higher than other locations, making up a large proportion of the event expenditure. The entry cost is in line, if not cheaper than other London events of a similar scale.

    We'd like to offer finishers a T-Shirt in addition to the quality medal and this may indeed happen if we can secure sufficient sponsorship.

    The early bird entry was open for 5 weeks during our initial launch marketing, offering those runners a discount in return for pledging their early support for the race.

    We hope that this answers your questions and would love to see you on the day.

  • Thanks for responding, I do understand, it just seems like a local race like any other running club organises but a lot more expensive.

    I'm sure it will be a big success and I hope to be at the start line.
  • We do hope that the race experience will be as enjoyable as possible for runners and supporters alike and will be offering a lot that isn't offered by many local races.

    Bottled Mineral Water
    Chip Timing
    Road Closures
    Quality custom die cut medal
    Changing marquees
    Massage area

    There are plenty more attractions that we'll be able to confirm in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for the latest news.

    The organising team are all regular runners in mass participation events and we will strive to make the event a regular in every runner's diary.
  • when does the discount finish?
  • just entered what will be my first half marathonimage

  • Is the course pretty flat?image

  • what is the route?

  • The route is available on the Ealing Half web site :- http://www.ealinghalfmarathon.com/route-information. There are some mild hills in Ealing and the route does take in a couple of them so not flat but nothing that is going to hurt.

  • super tks..tks for the link

  • I was considering this, thinking that getting there by train from Reading will be a doddle. Actually, no. The first proper train gets to Ealing Broadway at 0911, which is too late for a 9:15 kickoff. Two earlier ones go at unearthly hours but begin with a bus ride to Twyford and take nearly 90 minutes.

    So I'm out. If the start time were an hour later it would be feasible. Bummer.

  • Maybe you could ask if they could put back the start especially for you?

  • Not quite sure what your point is, JJR?

  • I would rather have a T shirt and not a medal. It replaces my very worn out T shirt from my last race.

    sponsors get returns from being seem on my T shirt, but my medals go straight in the draw with the rest.

    Cornish from Ealing
  • Hi, I was planning to sign up on the day and just realised last night that entries on the day are closed. If there is anyone who might not be able to make it on the day, I will like to take over the place, if possible.



  • I entered yesterday, and now find that I'm going to have to get a bus to a tube to get there early enough to pick up my number etc

    So I reckon the start is a tad early for TfL services even wthin London!

    Looking forward to it though, hope the weather is OK.


  • Can't wait to get started. Early though it may be, this is bound to be a stonking run!

  • Hi just wanted to day I really enjoyed the event yesterday.  Despite the perennial issue around not having enough toilets, it started reasonably promptly (only 15 mins late!) and the course was moderately challenging.  Seemed very well organised as well.  Good effort for a first time event!

  • The Race gallery is now live and online ! enjoy Ealing Half Marathon Race Photos  image

  • The late start was out of the organizers control - a car knocked a lamppost over on the course and the police had to clear it! 


  • When will the new route for 2013 be decided?
  • Hi Johnny1959, we are finalising details in the next few weeks and will update as soon as possible. We want it to be a real community event so that residents, visitors and runners can all benefit.


    EHM Team.

  • Thanks for the info! I have three friends who have now signed up to run it too!
  • I saw that Ealing was picked out in the top 10 UK half marathons - congratulations to everyone involved!
  • Thanks Johnny, we're also close to finalising our 2013 course which we've improved in several ways and should have details in the next few weeks!

    EHM Team
  • We should also say there are less than 300 Early Bird places left. They've been going very quickly since the new year so be quick if you want 5 pounds off one of the UK's best new races!
  • A quick update to say there are now just 100 Early Bird places left at ??5 off! Also, we're close to finalising our 2013 course which has several improvements and will be releasing details soon.

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