Ranelagh Harriers Richmond Half Marathon

Hi All,

I ran this last year and it was a fantastic race. If anyone is unfortunate enough to be injured and cannot run the Ranelagh half. Please contact me as I would like to take your place. Email davidscyu@yahoo.co.uk please. Thank you.


  • Hi everyone,

    I am quite interested in a place too, let me know if you are interested in selling it danielsecada@yahoo.com
  • Hi there


    I too am interested in a space!  Please contact me if you no longer want/need your number.  Thank you very much.




  • Hi All,

    I'd also love to run in the Ranelagh half, I've just done a half marathon but didn't make my time! Hoping to try again, so please let me know if you're not going to run!




  • Hello Charlotte

    I didn't make my time either, which is why I'm looking to run another half.  I found this race in Chiswick which I'm now signed up for.  They say it's fully timed and it's this Sunday.

    Thought it may be of help.



  • Thanks Sabrina! People on these forums are so helpful image I'm now running the UF Dance Half Marathon in Hackney - that's on the 13th April, so gives me slightly longer to train!

  • Hi all,

    I would love a place too. I registered for the 31.3.13 Richmond run thinking it was the May 5th race I was registering for. I only realised it was the wrong race at the last minute and I had travel plans booked so I couldn't run last Sunday.

    If anyone doesn't want their spot please let me know! I am super keen to do my first ever half marathon. Email- lauraharley@gmail.com

    Thank you!
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