Recently ill -should I race?

Wondered if other people have been in the same boat and what they did...

I have a 10km race tomorrow night.
I've been a bit under the weather recently - culminating in a really bad sore throat yesterday.(I feel a lot better today.)Considering that I'm probably not on top form, and that tomorrow is going to be sweltering - do you think I should still take part in the race?

I don't want to risk my health (and training for Bristol Half), but on the other hand I've been really looking forward to this race, and was hoping to use it to test my (still generally tortoise like) speed.

So, whatcha think - to race or not to race that is the question!


  • May get lots of differing advice on this one.
    My opinion, FWIW:
    If you are unwell below the neck, i.e. fever, muscle aches, cough etc then DON'T run until you're better.
    If it just the throat and all above the neck then do the race as a training run, but don't race.
    Organised training runs are fun. You get the measured course, lots of company and drink stops - drink plenty. Trot round at training pace and enjoy it. You'll probably find some other people training for a half as well.

    GL with the training
  • Id agree if you feel tons better still tomorrow then maybe do it but very gently

    on balance you probably shouldnt though

    er thats not very helpful

  • Agree - don't race, if you do decide to run then take it easy and use it as a training run. Under no circumstances run if you have a temperature, you will be risking permanent damage to your heart muscles.
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