Great East Swim

I’ve just signed up for Great East Swim (Alton Water, Ipswich).  16 June, a fortnight before Outlaw.

I took part last year and discovered for the first time that there is some open water where you can see your fingertips (not just the inside of your goggles)!

Are there any other forum members / fully fledged Pirates taking part?



  • Downside of that is that you can also see sudden movement of large aquatic surface feeding animate objects looking out for anything dangling and edible. And they are almost certainly a lot faster than you are and with sharper teeth. And they can see you.

    Not that I am negative or anything.....;O)

    But you may find yourself going subconsciously faster...
  • I'm signed up for too - 2 mile entry as well. Will be treating it as a gentle warm-up for Outlaw and use it to practice my pace.

    Camping for the weekend, so might end up doing the long run over that weekend too - will have squeeze long bike in at some other time.

  • Dustboy, the sentiment is appreciated but this is a man made reservoir for Anglian Water so save for the foot or so of goose crap that lingers at the bottom of most open water.  In this instance I won't be smashing PB through fear!

    MA - Great shout.  I'm also in for 2 miler.  8AM kick-off.  It's on my patch (family home is less than 1/2 mile away).

    Insofar as cycling in the area, it's nice and flat.  Alternatively there is a nice 7-8 mile hardcore (in the product rather than rating sense of the word) pathway that loops around Alton Water.  You can run comfortably but would want more than a road tyre if taking a bike.

    I shall be getting in some practice on the beers Friday night before - helps me float better but could do with committing to a sensible length cycle (40-70 miles) on the Saturday afternoon if a tour guide is required.

  • thanks for the info Robbie. Will see if we can formulate a plan of some kind a bit nearer the time! image)
  • Hey guys..

    Question for Robbie,

    I'm driving down tomorrow evening and was planning in sticking a tent up somewhere so I can get some sleep..

    I haven't booked a site anywhere so was just going to pitch u anywhere safe looking.

    Do you know if your able to camp at the venue?

    I've not seen anywhere you can..

    Thanks and enjoy the swim

    I'm also doing the 2 miler at 8am...
  • Uphill .. I've never camped there, however, a chap I work with visits frequently with his caravan.  If you check the Alton Water website you'll probably find a number to call to book some space.  That said (and I've no doubt you must have checked the weather forecast) the wind is going to be extremely gusty through Friday hitting 25mph on Saturday, so bring some extra tent pegs!!


  • Got my pack yesterday - just as well, had nearly forgot about this!

    Robbie - turns out I'm in the green wave, which starts at 9. I'll pass over my mobile in a PM, but might be easier to meet afterwards rather than before if you're hanging about?

    UpHill - I'm camping at a site called Tomcat. Seems to be fairly close from memory (although booked a while back, so can't be certain).

  • MA - I am in water 8AM and hope to be out before 9AM.  Heading for hot shower, coffee and bacon buttie at family home before disappearing off to Oxford on first of two stag do's in coming weekends.  Great tapering for Outlaw.

    Uphill - I'll be the 6 ft 5 fella on the start line with a foot of broken black toes (a sexy look I'm going for this summer).

    Good luck to you both.


  • Cheers for the info guys...

    I'll head down there and take it as it comes.. Am sure it will work out!

    I'm doing Roth in a few weeks time, second ever triathlon so thought a group outdoor swim might help me.. Hoping to get it done in an hour and then have a bike and run before the trek back to Hampshire..

    Have a great time..
  • Have a good swim then you 2! And enjoy the stag dos Robbie!

    Hopefully this rain dies off and the water heats up a tiny bit, even a degree would make a difference!

  • Just got an email to say its been postponed to the Sunday now.... due to dodgy weather forecast...

    You can get a full refund if you can't make it...

  • Yeah I jut saw it too.. Really gutted as I cannot do Sunday image

    Never mind..

    Lake swim in Reading for me instead!!

    Have fun Sunday if you can make it
  • I cant do Sunday either image


    I havent had a email yet tho, Can we get a refund?

  • I managed to get onto BBC Radio Suffolk for a live interview to discuss the cancellation of the swim and some top tips for swimmers..

    They may have regretted the last bit as my tip was to wee in your wet suit!!
  • This is disappointing.  I swam last week in 20 mph winds, along with 125 other people, neither they nor the kayakers had any issues.  Those strong enough to swim two miles should be able to cope and whilst I understand there are a far greater number taking part in the 1/2 and 1 mile swims, it's a shame they couldn't chuck the rest of us out there, as planned.

    I expect to be somewhere between gentlemen's club and hotel room at 8AM on Sunday so will be seeking a refund...


  • I'm mainly disappointed as it was my last chance of a group swim before Roth ironman in a few weeks time..

    Every single lake swim I have ever done has been pretty easy in comparison to how I imagine it to be in a large group.

    That's the only part I'm a bit nervous about (ok the run a bit too!).. (kicked in face, elbows everywhere)..

    I did a half ironman a few weeks ago, but the swim part was cancelled and turned into a 5km run because the lake was too cold..
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