My New Running Buddy

Since moving back to the UK a year ago, the vast majority of my runs have been solo, but, this morning I had Diesel, my eight month old whippet for company image We both had a great run, although I'm not sure he noticed too much difference from his normal walks, as the process was the same for him: run ahead, wait, repeat image Still, I like to think the 'wait' portion was significantly reduced image and he got to go a bit further than he would on a regular week day walk.  

It was less than 4 miles but it was a good start and I didn't have to run then take him for a walk (or vice versa) as I've been doing for 6 months now - this is progress in my book.

Now, I know there is some controversy over running with a dog so young (some people have told me to wait until he is two!) but here is my thinking:

  • It really isn't too much different from a normal walk for him and he seemed to enjoy every minute of it.
  • He's reached his predicted full adult height
  • He's a whippet, he's born to run 

I don't really have a plan but would like him, over time, to become my regular running buddy and would appreciate any advice from anyone with relevant experience.

My short term plan (if you can call it that image) is to take him out on short runs twice a week and just see how it goes.


  • Ah that's really cool. I would love a dog of my own to go running with but unfortunately we don't have the time or space at my house. My girlfriend however has 4 dogs so I can borrow one of them to go running with from time to time image
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    see a few runners with dogs near where i live
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