Asics Gel Cumulus 13

I have always used Asics Cumulus, but the latest version 13 has crippled me - been through a range of tests, orthotics etc and have finally narrowed it down to the shoes - no probs when I get back into version 12. Anyone else noticed a change?


  • Yes!!

     I have been running in Nike Lumar Glide +3s but used to run in Asics. I though it was time to go back to a running shoe with a little more support... not that there's anything wrong with the Nike's, I just thought it was worth a change.

    I bought the Cumulus 13s and have ran in them twice to give them a fair go. Each time I've ended up with going through various stages of pins and needles, numbness and then full on pain... left me hobbling at the end of the run image.

    I've never had a problem putting on a pair of new running shoes - it appears my feet are 'easy' image. But these really don't agree with me. So back I've gone to the Nikes and will be sticking with them.

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    Hi Vici

    I'm just shocked that a "neutral" shoe could be such a disaster - particularly when I've run on versions 10/11/12...

  • I'm just going through the same with Nimbus 13. I've used Nimbus for 6 years but sinceive got these I'm battling shin splints in both shins! Can't quite work our what's wrong with them.
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    Ok that's decided it for me....time to switch brands.
  • I've just given up on nimbus and moved to saucony progrid triumph - love them!
  • I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago, first run in them crippled me as they hurt my feet and left my thighs feeling like I'd done a half when I'd only done 4 miles. I wore them on a couple of shorter workouts after that and ran parkrun on Saturday and 5 miles today with no problems.

     My last Cumulus took some wearing in too, but were fine after a few weeks.

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    Interesting Rossy...never had an issue before. Usually they're like running on a pair of sofas.

    Hartles. Thanks for the tip... Will give them a go.
  • No problems at all here! I've run in Cumulus since the 7s were the 'new' version. Just got a pair of 13s a month or so ago. And I have to say, they feel pretty much the same to me. Switched over from my old shoes gradually and have now done a couple of 15 mile runs in them without any drama.

    Am I just a big clodhopper with insensitive feet then? image

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  • I love my Cumulus 13s

  • I've picked up some new old stock recently and am now running in 12s AND 13s.

    Apart from the lace holes on the 12s being loops to put the lace through instead of actual holes (meaning its almost possible to get the laces lying flat) I can't tell the difference between the two models...
  • After a while out I started running again and the Nimbus gave me a world of trouble.  Have gone back to my Gel Stratus which have some mileage in them and considering getting a set of Gel Hyper 33's.


    I like Asics for the fit, but can't run in anything 'heavy'.

  • Do you guys ever change to performance trainers for races?
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