in reasons to stop me whilst I'm out on a run...

... trying to give me the bloody WatchTower is NOT one I consider bloody worthwhile...
I was having a lovely mellow easy run, in a world of my own, until that grrrr


  • JW's piss me right off where ever they are.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I got stopped the other day by a bloke who insisted on talking about bread.

    White, wholemeal, ciabatta, rolls, baguettes, sliced vs unsliced, gluten-free, rye loaves, you name it.

    Bloody Hovis Witnesses image

  • I was relaxing in the garden on a sunny day when two lady JWs came round.

    I invited them to have a seat and a cup of coffee.  We had a pleasant chat about evolution.

    I quite enjoyed our conversation image

  • Many years ago I had just returned from a run and the doorbell rang. I went upstairs and my wife answered the door. Being very biblical the two JWs asked to speak to "your husband" to which my wife said I was out, only for our firstborn aged 3 to gently tug his mum and say "No, daddy is upstairs!" Not sure what they thought but they left quickly - and we never heard from them again.
  • Haha, Hubby (brickie) was rained off from work not long ago , and he did the same thing with a couple of JWS. He said they had a lovely chat, and it gave him something to do on a boring rainy afternoon!!image
  • LOL - you have to admire their optimism !
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    There's a JW church near my parents' house.  Having been force-fed the Bible as a child and having the benefit of a superb memory, my dad used to keep them on the doorstep for ages having theological debates.  They seemed to stop coming, so I can only assume the technique was successful in getting the house blacklisted!
  • I can't get over the idea of being presented with a magazine while out running - where did they expect you to put it?!

  • Anything under 8min/mile pace and this can happen.

    Long ago a guy asked me if I was selling crack. I said no. He said ok and went away.

    Another person kicked me. I stopped he went away sharpish.

    Now that my easy pace is faster than most of Joe public can sprint, I dont get much hassle.

    I always feel for the larger and/or slower runners because they must get a lot of shite.

    They are a lot braver than me, as I have always  "looked like a runner" even when I could just about do a mile in 10 minutesimage

    Always wondered if I would be brave enough to go out and run if I was a lot larger than I was when I started.

    To those ladies and gents you have my respect!

    Everyone else get out their way they have a race to run!

  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    I am one of those slower runners.... that must be why the old f****er stopped me...
  • Nessie you will have to develope your "game face"

    It has to say firmly "you f**k with me I send you to the after-life" but using just your eyes.

    I inherited mine from my Grandmother.

  • They called to our door one day and I told them sorry, I couldn't talk to them, I was in the middle of sacrificing a goat in the back yard, and closed the door.  The've never rang the doorbell since, just posting the leaflet and going on to annoy the neighbours instead.

    Perhaps you should have told them you were in a hurry for an important meeting and had to get there before they "cast the circle", then run on. image

  • Yeah, I'm still one of the slower runners too. They would be picking the wrong person to proselytise to!
  • I was stopped and asked if I had a light once... err no I don't tend to have a smoke whilst out on a run (or when not on a run)
  • safety wise best to keep running if asked for a light. it is a common ploy by muggers.

    another favourite is pretending to sell watchtower magazine 

  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    @ skotty- he was a decrepit old git. could have been a mugger but he would've been on a hiding to nothing...
    I like the idea of stopping a runner to ask for a light tho, some people are so intelligent. Beats even the JW god-bothering old wotsit
  • They called around my house but didn't want to come in...cannot imagine why..(asking them to remove their clothes is quite normal isn't it) image
  • Friend of mine was on a Theology degree course so when they called round he invited them in for a while, they asked to leave after about two hours apparently image
  • Catalin Bond wrote (see)
    I was stopped and asked if I had a light once... err no I don't tend to have a smoke whilst out on a run (or when not on a run)
    Lol, I was at a 5k race at the weekend, held to raise funds for a cancer charity.  Got a cracker photo of three runners, just finished the race, sitting on a bench smoking their cigarettes t recover. image  So perhaps not totally insane to ask a runner for a light, lol.
  • Yes the faster you get the less hassle you get.

    I think seeing someone run  fast sets off a primitve instinct in the viewer that say;

    "this person is not to be stopped, but if you want you can help tackle the wholly mammoth and the sabre tooth tiger chasing him"

    Imbrace your inner cave(wom)man

  • At uni I stupidly opened the door to JW's...and politely listened to the speil...then asked them if it mattered that I was a jewish lesbian? would they still want me? They left, very quickly...and I spent 20 minutes recovering from the tears of laughter caused by the look on their faces.
  • I used to live in an area where there's a fair big of drug dealing and on 2 occasions had pale-faced desperate-looking blokes in the same playing field try to stop me to ask me something.  Now I do tend to train at 8 min/mile or less and thought it bizarre they would choose a runner to flag down.  I did feel slightly guilty but they didn't seem injuredt and I expect they were just after a bit of cash or a light.
  • Lol to all the door-techniques! To be honest, I don't really mind it that much - they believe they have to do it, and if they can give me a book and go away thinking they are one step closer to heaven then I have something to prop up the table with and everyone's happy.

    Maybe slower runners can adapt to this by mastering the look at the watch - "sorry, end of my recovery" technique, followed by a sprint as hard as you can around the next corner?

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