Beautiful day out and I am stuck in doing an exam paper.

With knobs on.

Try and get out tomorrow!


  • Exam?

    Is that in faffing then? image

  • I wish, I'd be good at that.

    IOSH degree paper. Trying to stay awake...

    Why you not out training Soupy?
  • Cos I biked yesterday and biking tomorrow.  Clearing out the garage today, just having a break. image

    Edit - forgot to say good luck, I'm sure you've passed.

  • Where you biking tomorrow?

    Cheers, I'll find out in April next year, but if I don't get this exam, all stops dead in April this year. Which does have a certain appeal....
  • I'm out with my bike club round the Chilterns to Boulters Lock near Maidenhead. Stop for a cuppa then back through Windsor.  Nice route, social pace and just what I want right now - no pressure with about 40 miles in total. image
  • Yeh.  Back to the boring garage now and back to slogging for you.  Won't pass anything on here. image
  • If I can get this question bashed out, will call it a day and go for a run up the canal.

    Will try and knock out a sensible bike tomorrow. Might do the crease. Managed to extend it to 50 miles but it nearly killed me!. I really need to be up to about 70 by now...and I am not. I think Saffers is up to eleventy million miles by lunchtime these days....all uphill.
  • Game over, brain fried...

    Now, can I fit a sneaky 10K in before dinner?
  • Good luck with both exam and run Dusty!
    After a couple of full on days DIY-ing Madge dragged me out into the foothills of Dartmoor with a mate of hers!! Fantastic weather, 27 peaceful miles apparently in a little under two hours. I forgot my Garmin, so it doesn't count as training! image
  • Prince Siegfried wrote (see)

    DB - it was a cracking day. One of those 'no-chain' days when going downwind. 21miles in 70 minutes....
    Hope the exam went OK. Sure you'll ace it.
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