ongoing pain in heel

HI,can anyone help started running outside not long distance but mixing it in with a walk/jog.  Winter month came so started running on a treadmill untill i started getting a lot of pain in my heel so stopped.  This has been ongoing  so not done any running of fear of making it worse.  When i do a workout/exercise the following day i can hardly move .  The pain is between my heel and the ball of my foot.  Now i tend to use support socks when excercising which helps.  I want to start running again so first thing i need to establish is what this pain is and how to make it go away.  Also need to get the right running shoes so that once i have established what is causing the pain i can stop it happening again.  Also want to do a Trail run in Rivington in October so any advice would be appreciated,


  • i had pain in my left heel recently after upping milage. had my feet checked by the physio, turns out i had flat feet, got sent to for custom orthotics/ shoe inserts, turns out heel pain was down to right leg being shorter, id recommend finding a decent physio, ask as many people as you can for recomendations though, there are some useless ones about. could be many other things, just my experience, when your standing does all your weight end up on sore heel

  • yes, it seems to swell and hurt like a bruise, and then i use iced water bottled and it eases it but the  pain  doesn't go.  seems worse in the morning and is still aching..

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