Being a member of 2 UK running clubs?

Hi, im a member of serpentine RC and have enjoying racing around the world in a serpie vest, I travel a lot for business, so im nothing special speed wise.

As I no longer live near london though, I can no longer train with them. So really im only paying to wear the vest and be a member rather than get any training benefits, but that vest has been around the world with me and I dont want to give it up.

So ive signed up to my local AC for training benefits really and ive put them down as my second claim. 

So yes im paying 2 membership fees, which im fine with. But if my local AC ever need me to run in a road or XC relay (Im only a 40 min 10k runner, so I cant imagine they'd want me, but might need me for a B team maybe), am I allowed to run for my 2nd claim? My understanding is I can do this as long as my 1st claim (serpies) arent in the same competition. Thats the main thing im not sure on? I ran the wokingham half marathon a few weeks and only do them in around 90 mins, so in the team event that was nowhere being good enough to count for serpentine, but my second team was short on runners on the day, so I could have scored points for them if I was allowed to run. I assume that wouldnt have been allowed?

Obviously I if I run in any big races, either way I'd never qualify to score points for either team, so I can wear whatever vest I feel like, and declare whatever team I want in the entry since I wouldnt be scoring points in any team events within the race. Struggling to find the official rules online, so if someone knows, that would be great. I know UKA can be a bit stuffy on things like this

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