Car blocked road and driver shouted at me

I have no option but to run on country roads and most of them don't have footpaths, some have very rugged uneven banks either side totally useless for running unless you want to fall down a hole every few yards.

Today I was out on a 6 mile run running along a fairly wide country road loads of room for cars. I was running against traffic, but not much about, and a car came towards me and came to a stop yelling obscenities at me something about why can't I get off the road and stopped right in front of me tight into the side of the road so I could either run around in the road or climb up the bank and go around. There was nothing coming in the other direction so this was a very provocative unecessary thing to do.

I totally ignored him and went up the bank through a few holes and ran on.

I few weeks ago a white van hit my arm with its wing mirror as it went past. I was totally pushed up against a hedge so I couldn't go anywhere. He certainly didn't stop to day sorry so I expect he hit me on purpose to teach me a lesson.

Is it just me or do others get this sort of rubbish? Have to say I have not come across this before and I wonder what's next. I think I might have to start carrying pen and paper to write down registration numbers in case it gets even more nasty.



  • Tim there are a>>e holes everywhere,

    Two weeks ago a car went past me in a very narrow country lane he was going much to  fast missing me by inchs,yes I was angry, what could I do about it, nothing apart from take his number and report it to the police.

    But today 15 miles into my run with 1 mile left to go a woman whistled at me from her car, really cheered me up and got me through the last mile with a smile.

    Bit of ying and yang going on me thinks.

    P.S. I am 55 years of age.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    You're not alone Tim. Most of us have been heckled, had obscenities thrown our way and such like. I live out of town and run along the canal tow path and country lanes. I meet plenty of dog walkers who have no control over their animals, cyclists who can't be bothered to dismount under the tow path bridges and 4x4 drivers who think they're the only people ever in a hurry.

    The vast majority of people are considerate, but no matter whether you're running, cycling, or driving your car there will be someone who simply has to get to wherever they're going much faster than you, and without having to use their breaks or 30 seconds of their time to wait for someone else.

    I usually resort to smiling at them, giving them a wave (or the finger), and as i'm not exactly your traditional 10 stone running bean i even blow the odd kiss to the occasional white van man who refuses to acknowledge he doesn't own the road. It gives me great pleasure to see their crimson faces rage with anger as i plod on down the road.

    If, however, you want to avoid any confrontation, a smile, a wave and a "good morning" will keep you in good spirits, give them no reason to escalate the situation and you can enjoy the rest of your run.

  • We all get it every now and again.

    Most of the time, with the country roads I go on, cars go way out of their way to give me lots of space; people wave etc. Have to say, I'd personally avoid the particular road you're talking about Tim - when stuff's going that fast and people are stopping to give you abuse, it's just not worth it.

    Don't have much of the old abuse, but did once have a van actually change its route and follow me to try to take the piss. I just laughed and carried on. They're jealous: the few who do are the envy of the many who only watch. Some people might not have been so able to shrug it off, so it makes me quite angry to think these people might manage to bully someone into not wanting to run. 

  • Tim, are there really no options to the country roads? I live in the country and virtually never run on the road - way too dangerous for me. I run on bridleways, farm tracks, footpaths, field verges etc. It's not always obvious where permitted footpaths and bridleways are so it's worth checking a local OS map. I got lost a lot when I started doind this but have got to know my way around really well and it's been worth it to avaoid the hazards of the country roads. Just a thought, may be worth looking onto.

  • I got a lecture the other week from a driver who had actually turned round to follow me, then overtake because he wanted to speak to me. The reason? I was running on the right hand side of the road to give me better visibility on theft very tight bends.
    On quiet country roads I found this very very threatening. I thanked him for his concern, and explained why I was running contrary to the highway code (his main point). I then pointed out that, as a lone female runner, his behaviour was quite intimidating and I was certain that wasn't his intention (all said with a smile).
    He quickly got in his car and drove off!
  • I am confused here - been doing a little research to see what the highway code has to say and it confirms that pedestrians should be on the RIGHT hand side of the road. By 'eck, it's hilly - why were you lectured about running on the correct side of the road?? Everyone thinks they know it all these days and I agree incredibly intimidating, but I am now waiting for that sort of thing to happen with someone is not so much concerned about my welfare

    I used to enjoy my jogging but this has made me think again. Near me there is no alternative to the road footpaths are hopeless, but I am now going to start looking for some now.

    Anyway I'm sure I won't give up it just makesthe whole thing seem a bit like taking your life in your hands.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    I then pointed out that, as a lone female runner, his behaviour was quite intimidating and I was certain that wasn't his intention (all said with a smile). He quickly got in his car and drove off!

    I've said this to aggressive cyclists/drivers before and it's one of the reasons that I try to run with a dog if possible. I normally run in the country and the biggest issue I have are aggressive farmers and animals.

    Yesterday my run was rudely interrupted by a rottweiler who decided to chase me down the street. The owners (of a farm) had forgotten to close the gate - so whereas normally he'd just bark on the other side of the fence - this time - I had him trying to get my legs. If I wasn't so used to aggressive dogs on my route - i'd have promptly done a gingerbread man....

    Everyone gets jeered/abuse on their runs but then there are also the cases when smiling/"good mornings"/"keep it up" can really make your day.

  • If any ones aggressive best thing to do is laugh at them, makes them furious that you find their little problem irrelevant.

    And if a dog leaves its garden, encourage it to follow you with friendly gestures, until its a few miles from home, then leave it! See how funny the owner thinks that is...
  • CB69 - I was going to suggest that.  If you've got lovely countryside around, make the most of it and get off the roads.

    However, the drivers are being ridiculous.  If pavements aren't provided, what do they expect people to do?  I camped in Cornwall a few years ago and we walked across the fields to the pub but had to come back on pavement-less roads in the dark which was horrible.  We spent half the journey pressed up against hedges.

    EDIT: Sorry, ridiculous was maybe a bit polite.  Perhaps the C word is a better description.

  • And if a dog leaves its garden, encourage it to follow you with friendly gestures, until its a few miles from home, then leave it! See how funny the owner thinks that is...


  • I didn't see this one, but my wife was looking for somewhere to park today while I was running a 10K - cars had stopped to let runners through (there were signs everywhere so no one could have got within a mile of the course without seeing signs that there was a race on) Apparently, a car could not be bothered to wait so overtook the queue of traffic, making runners have to move over - most having to jump up onto a grass bank to avoid him.

    I've experienced the same as a walker - I agree with some of the comments about just laughing at them - i often give a wave as well (with an occasional raised finger if the mood takes me)
  • That car driver should be prosecuted Phil.  Dangerous driving, in the wrong lane, endangering lives.  Twat.
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    some car drivers think they own the road and do not give a dam if a runner is there

    bet they are not runners
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
    You've hit the nail on the head there compo, these people are simply not runners.
  • Dogs have to be the worst dont they....

    especially aggressive little ones that keep running in front of you barking at you....

    one followed me yesterday with its owner shouting after it for about 400 metres or something...

    i swear,it was on its last life with me...

    if it had done it one more time i`d of booted the little thing and sent it flying 400 metres back to her....

    it did run round me again but at a distance far away enough away slo that i couldnt do that to it...

    maybe it was beginning to pick up on it or sxomething by that point.....


  • Oh goody, it's turned into another dog kicking thread. Was it wearing an Ipod?
  • Tim (original poster) even though you're in the right, I'd really urge you to avoid running on those roads if you can, better to be alive than to be dead and in the right
  • it must of `picked up` on my rising anger by that point pea cos like i say...#

    it ran around me one more time (still barking) but not at a distance where i could do that to it...



  • With Saffy on the dogs.  I run in places where there are lots of dogs.  We all need to share the same space.  I must admit I like stopping to make a fuss of a hound every now and then and have not had any be aggressive to me.  Admittedly I am a small woman and I know some dogs (esp rescue ones) can be nervous of men.
  • HellywobsHellywobs ✭✭✭
    I've had the opposite problem - I was driving home from the station yesterday and saw a runner coming along the pavement towards a road I wanted to turn into. I stopped to give way to her and then she turned down the same road. Why didn't she signal to me that she was going down the road so that I could turn? Grrr, these people give runners a bad name! Even if she was exhausted, she was being accompanied by a guy on a bike (on the pavement) and he could have signalled to me. I moan about car drivers taking no notice of runners and now I've experienced the opposite! As Red Squirrel says, we all have to share the same space and try to be tolerant. But it can be difficult image

    That said, car/van drivers are cocooned in their metal boxes and should never get aggressive with runners/pedestrians in a confined narrow lane. You could collect reg numbers, but would the police believe you? I kind of agree that if you have other options, it may be better to run elsewhere. If you don't, all you can do is wear VERY fluorescent clothing and hope that the idiots don't come along too often (at all).
  • I run over 2000 miles a year and, living in a tiny village, 99% of these are run on narrow, single track country roads. Rather surprised to read threads like this because I've never once had an incident of anyone stopping, beeping me or being aggressive with me. I run on both the left hand and right hand sides of the road depending on which makes me most visible/ which one I feel like running on. Cars just drive round me no problems. There's been the odd incident of people not leaving me much space, but that's about it.

  • Like dhale, I live in the country and, although much of my running is off road, I run quite a few miles on narrow lanes. The vast majority of runners are very considerate, and the tractor drivers thank me when I hug the hedge to let them past (you would have to be mad to do anything else).

    Dogs running out onto the road usually respond well to standard doggy greetings. Dogs on their own turf or in fields are less predictable.

    I've only been hit once in the past 15 years and that was by a bus driver in Malta last summer. He hit me with his mirror and nearly sent me into a prickly pear. His passengers where more concerned than he was. In his defense, the bus contract had just been taken over by Arriva, so he was probably depressed. The buses were wider than the old ones and they had probably had lessons from accredited Arriva drivers.

  • Dhale and johnny...

    your lucky to live in the country and to not have this problem....

    i gew up in a small village too(rural area with nothing going on there) but it was great running territory...

    i live in a small town now called beverley, i run off the road whenever i can because its better for you,isnt it...

    Beverleys ok,you can still find your way out to woods and parklands and off-road tracks and such, but still not quite as good as tjhe village where i grew up in,.i would of said...

  • Oh lordy...I am clearly a lucky runner!

    Currently live in Harrogate so plenty of pavements and parks to run on - people are generally nice and dogs are not out to get me. Went home last weekend to Kent and had a couple of runs on tiny country roads - again I got lucky. Cars passed me wide and slow, I thanked them as they passed etc.

    I used to be a horse rider so I also know how frustrating it can be when cars go past too close and quick - it is the same with runners. Don't spook the runners!

  • Motorists





    List in order of the most arrogant ,self centered,ignorant animals I drive,cycle,run and walk past.

    Which ever I am at the time (apart from dog) the others are all in the wrong.

    Live and let live, chill, I am working on it!!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    You can further sub-divide the motorists category into vehicle type in order, i.e. bus, taxi, white van, non-white van, Porsche, BMW, etc...


  • Hellywobs wrote (see)
    car/van drivers are cocooned in their metal boxes and should never get aggressive with runners/pedestrians in a confined narrow lane.

    Absolutely, I wonder if some of these people have ever been out of a car and can't understand the vulnerability of the pedestrian or cyclist.  I work with someone who might as well have her car surgically attached to her body, she doesn't walk anywhere and some cars that don't let me cross roads when the traffic's backed-up and they're moving slowly are just selfish.

  • Hahaha...

    (The pilot who sees far ahead will not capsize his boat)

    When your timing yourself and that though and concentrating on your run,you don't want dogs coming and running up to you to play with you etc do you...
    But yes,your probably right there...
    I just run on impatiently at the side of the road until the cars pass...
    I won't stop for anything if in timing myself and that you know...

    So yes,
    Were probably worse than dogs and walkers,aren't we...

  • Daniel, I stop the watch, hahaha.

    I've had more incidents cycling than running. With both, will wear fluo yellow when running on road - I don't give them any excuse to hit me. If a dog comes up I act more scared than I am, and if a van touched me I would definetely mock-collapse if possible.

  • Well,I was an amatuer racing cyclist for 3 years...and have done it in binges off and on all my life....
    I'm far happier though on quiet out the way roads that maybe get the odd car going by you every 2-5 minutes or something...
    Fortunately,I've never really had any serious accidents due to others clumsiness as either a runner or a cyclist and (touch wood)
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