Great North Run 2012: Can you help me with a target time?

Hi all,

I'm registered for the Great North Run in September – can't wait! 

Though not a club or serious runner, I want to have a go at a good time. I wondered if you could all help me determine what that is! 

I'm female, 29 years old, 58kg and a reasonably fit gym-goer and cycle commuter. Three years ago, I completed my first London Marathon in 4hrs26mins (with two toilet stops and a stress fracture!). 

Does 1hr45mins seem wildly ambitious? I realise it's a hilly course but I'm willing to put the training in! 

Thoughts welcome and appreciated. 

Also, I've had a look at the My Asics planner, which seems pretty good but I'm interested to know what other tools you all use to help plan and motivate. iPhone apps in particular. 


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