cant seem to get past the 5 mile mark

ive got back into fitness and now running after long time took up cycling last year but now trying to get my running flowing. up to 3 miles have been good but now trying to push on with longer distance i have been getting very tight shins and calves which is stopping me get to where i was hoping. any help gratefully recieved


  • Hi

    I started running fairly recently and had similar things when I started - the two bits of advice I got were that it could be due to running too far too soon or the type of shoes you are wearing. Have you had a gait analysis to ensure your footwear is right for you?
  • mmmh i know that can be an issue and i am a bigish chap 6'5 and 17:7st but fit not fat so i wasnt exspecting it to be easy use to be a sprinter in my youth and done a lot of running in my twenties for forces training but i have 21 days now to do 13.5 ready for reading half so i do have to up it but i have been run jog walking to get use to the distance!
  • It might be worth you going for a sports massage to ease off your calves and check your shins to rule out any shin splinty problems which would put you back - good luck and make sure you have easy days too!
  • its maddening because i dont suffer after wards and it does loosen up at the end generally but ive never had this problem before and my mind set is good ive come a long way in a year but this just at around 2.5/3miles just stops me and i have to walk and stretch!!! also i find it hard to jog/slow run i just want to run stretch it out like i used to so its hard to have easy runs apart from reducing the distance to which i dont want to do because im running out of time to reach half marathon any ideas!
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